Batteries are intended to supply a small amount of energy for handy devices like our mobile phones. Though it may seem so small to consider doing a research to enhance this teensy device, it's an essential component that almost all devices require in order to operate.

Amy Prieto, a Chemistry professor at Colorado State University, have seen the vital importance of a small battery and so she started the Prieto Battery Company that created a three-dimensional battery that is built with a core of copper foam. As it may seems, the project is still in the beginning stages of development. Prieto's hard works on developing this particular 3D foam battery technology could lead to the emergence of high-capacity batteries than can contain energy two times the usual amount it can hold, plus reducing the time needed to fully charge it in as fast as five minutes.

There are considerably advance rechargeable batteries in the market that can power the latest smartphones and mobile devices. But they are way too expensive that adds up on the overall cost of the mobile unit, and they actually lose charge in a very short time that users need to recharge the device for about 2-3hours more likely.

But there's something we should be worrying more, and that is the fact that these batteries even though they're small in size can also harm the environment with the planet-killing toxins they contain. Amy Prieto have thought, "It’s inexcusable that while our devices have become more sophisticated, our batteries have remained virtually the same for over one hundred years."

”It’s just like a sponge, you could think about,” Prieto told Marketplace.org. “Then we paint all the inside spaces with the different materials that you need for the battery. So the ions can go in many different directions, but they don’t have to go very far. So, that’s what I mean by a three-dimensional battery.”

They integrated nanowire or copper foam substrate, but both can handle higher power and energy densities than any conventional lithium-ion battery in the market. What's more highly noted from this technology is that these batteries are manufactured using non-toxic chemicals. The said technology has also increase the traditional 500 cycles into an incredible number of 5000 cycles, which extends the life of a battery before it gets wasted and disposed.

It is truly an innovation that will change the way we use batteries and also all the devices that needs it. In addition to its promising progress, we should be grateful that here comes another new technology yet never became a threat to the environment. It seems that we're more likely close to reducing e-waste materials in different industries. Noted that now, there are recycled materials like eco-friendly toner cartridges and printer consumables in the market which also reduce carbon footprint. And it's really good to hear about inventions and developments that reduces environment impact.



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