Feliz Día de San Valentín or simply Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Well there's a lot of nifty gifts and ideas you guys should think about this special day. PrintGreen is a green journal for eco-friendly stuffs and related things, but since it's a special day for everyone or not, giving credits to those bitter folks, let's have something related to this heart season.

If you're stuck on finding the best gift that would definitely melt your special someone's heart, then why not spend some good money this Valentine's day with a personal touch. One of the trending technology in the print industry is the 3D or three-dimensional printing. For those who haven't heard, 3D printing doesn't only involve molten plastic materials in order to create objects in three dimensions. Traditionally it was, but nowadays 3D printers are now used not only for plastic figures or stuffs, but also for food preparations, creating artificial human organs, and many more.

The emergence of 3D printing technology has become more innovative and surprising, from small toys and miniatures up to large-scale buildings, the application of three-dimensional printing is never ending. Now for this Valentine's Day, the said technology again has something to offer for us. A famous store particularly the FabCafe situated in Shibuya has offered an interesting workshop for aspiring chocolatiers to learn how to create an edible guilty pleasure treat of someone else's face. Explaining it simply, you scan your face or somebody else's face to have a three dimensional digital model which then be printed using the ProjetHD 3D Printer. The printed material will serve as the mold from which the chocolate will be poured to fill the form and then let it solidify either by placing it inside the fridge or just let it rest on a cool room temperature.

Just place it inside a box and you are all set for the Valentine's Day. Make your special someone happy by making his or her own mini chocolate molded face. To make it more special, along with the box of chocolates you can also include a note card filled with some sweet nothings, printed using recycled paper materials and eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges depending on your printer. Have a great Valentine's Day this February everyone, stay lively and always be environmentally friendly.



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