Everyone loves to have a great cup of coffee every morning, to give us energy for the whole day, or just to warm up our body as the sun shines bright to an early day of work. From a cup of coffee members of the family gather, colleagues meet up, workers relax, and a lot of different groups of people really enjoy drinking coffee while having chit-chats. A coffee table isn't just a simple table where we sit and sip a drink, it's often considered as a spot from where we create better bonds with the people we love.

That's why a coffee table from where we often gather to have some drink, was reinvented or rather made futuristic by Benjamin Yates. An exquisitely designed coffee table with a futuristic looking cityscape, all made from used and worn out  electronic components. E-waste isn't just a junk at all, who would have thought that your old circuit boards can still be used to make a wonderful miniature of the city. A diminutive yet astonishingly amazing, decorated with LED lights to add sparks and glow on every streets, plus small human figures to make it more lively. It also contain VCRs that were unused, as well as digital frames that act as the billboard displaying commercial products. All these are housed inside a clear acrylic glass (perspex) arrange and constructed as a coffee table that displays the miniature city inside it.

The artist called it as Electri-Cities and he planned to redesigned it by adding a feature that can play music and let people plug it through the internet and enjoy checking emails and possibly web browsing. Futuristic as it may seem, but with the technology and artistic point of view we have, it only proves that  there's nothing impossible when it comes to science. Also with recycling, nothing is wasted with a bright mind that has the concerned for the environment.

E-waste has been a great problem from the recent years, and recycling has made a lot of solutions and contributions to diminishing these waste. Computer peripherals, printed circuit boards and other components that it composed, they can all be use to create a wonderful and futuristic art work, but a furniture would be much better. Recycling and upcycling have brought a lot of innovations, and products that nowadays, most of the consumers prefer more to purchase. Printer consumables are considered as e-waste, but with through recycling and producing eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, consumers get an option to whether stick with the expensive brands or try the alternatives. Perhaps recycling can create more of what we can expect from it.


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