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Are you bored this summer and suddenly you just want to use your time on creating useful and eco friendly stuffs? Then here's a great summer project for you and your friends to use your spare time this summer creating a very useful activity. I'll teach you how to create a scented candle lamp out of used tin cans.  

First we need to gather the required materials to start the activity. We need to get used and empty tin cans of various sizes as many as you can, small scented candles, a very common carpenter tool called hammer, nails of different sizes, pens and markers, old news papers, colorful paints, scissors and hand gloves to avoid any hand injuries. Later on you'll know when and where to use these materials, so lets begin.

Of course we need to check the cans if they're fully cleaned and there's no appearing rust on the lid, if you're done cleaning and checking the can you may set it aside. Then get your old newspapers and markers to create your patterns of holes that later on we'll be punching through the tin can. The pattern would be just like creating a constellation of stars, imagine a series of dots that creates an image of a flower, a heart, snow flakes, or whatever pattern you want.   

Once you're done with the pattern, wrap it around the tin can then tape it on both ends. You will use the dots as a guide on where to point the nails and start hammering your pattern. You need a stable surface before you start punching the holes or you can use a block of wood just the size of the tin can and insert it inside to prevent it from deforming once you hammered it. Position the tip of the nail on the dots of your pattern then gently use the hammer to create holes in the tin can. Do this until all the dots from your pattern have been completely punched.

When you're done hammering, remove the wrapped paper from your tin can. To create a variation in color effects, you can paint the inner part of the tin cans using colorful paints and let it sit until the paint becomes dry. Once the paint dries up, light up some of the small scented candles that you brought and put it inside the tin cans. See how the light from the candle sparks and twinkle through the holes of the the tin cans creating flickering patterns. 

Now you have a scented candle lamp that everyone will surely love during the night. Isn't it a wonderful activity to create environment friendly stuffs out of used materials. Just like eco-friendly toner cartridges that greatly helps the environment by producing remanufactured toner cartridge that are cost-effective and beneficial for the environment. 



07/22/2012 11:08pm

Yes your idea is really wonderful and I like it very much. I love candles and you give us nice ideas to make beautiful candle stand and just utilized summer vacation.

07/23/2012 6:49pm

Thank you for the nice comment, i'll try to keep posting activities like this.


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