Green is the new black, a simple yet meaningful line which I've read while browsing the net for some information that I might use for my post. Indeed, we've been printing in black as well as in full color, but that was just before, since the print industry especially its market is now offering a few environment friendly consumables for every printer.

There we have the bio-based inks which are made from natural materials from crops like soy, developed and process to produce greener printer cartridges out of these abundant crops. To help you decide on whether to use them or not, let me give you a short list of facts that soy-based inks provide.

  • Approximately, 2 liters of petroleum products can be saved per pound of soy toner.
  • Soy inks and toners are made from fully renewable resources.
  • They're generously cheaper and performs of par with their OEM counterparts.

Well aside from soybean-made inks and toners, there are these so called remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Although these cartridges may not contain soy-based material inside, their tanks are mainly made from used and worn out components of OEM products. OEM are original equipment manufactured consumables for printer, in short they are highly-priced and will cost your printing expense to increase in the long run.

What makes these remanufactured cartridges green as well? Of course through recycling used and empty printer cartridges, it reduces landfill wastes and preventing those materials from ending up in incinerators. Burning plastic and petroleum-based products will accumulate more air pollutants that will only bring more trouble for the environment.

So is it now clear why GREEN is now the new BLACK? We may have been using monochrome ink/toner when printing, but if the cartridges we used are either recycled or contains bio-based material, then we are printing in green. It's not too late to make a switch, and it can never be too late, unless you won't do anything at all. Do your part for the environment and contribute on promoting green printing practices through using recycled printer cartridges as well as bio-based inks and toners.



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