"Printers may not be as big of a part of our lives as they once were, but that doesn't mean they don't have their uses." said Andrew Webster. Campbell Laird, the genius creator of this abstract art that is made through the use of inkjet printers. Laird's pieces consist of a simple vector shape that is printed on the same sheet of paper multiple times. For each pass the shape is changed in some way — it might be flipped or have the color swapped — and this process is repeated between 10-80 times.

Campbell Laird explained, "I have very little idea of how the art will turn out, It just grows organically with each new pass." It took him 5-7 hours of work for each piece of art, the artist also noted, that the process may cause great damage to your printer. But for the experience and fulfillment that the artist felt while he was working on it, as well as the satisfaction it brings once you're through, i guest the price you need to pay for this art is worth it.

Since the image or rather the vector shape was printed on the same sheet of paper for several cycles, it's probable that it has a texture defining every layer of print. Laird said, "This is the only way to make these prints, trying to layer all the passes on one image file can’t work as the file becomes overloaded with millions of lines and intersections and appears as just an unrecognizable blob on the screen."

I wonder if i can also make a wonderful art piece of my own, using let's say to be different i'll use a laser type printer instead to print layers of images then splash  some bits of toner particles on top while letting it dry, how was that sound. I'm not kidding, we can even promote art and being green at the same time, by printing wonderful evocative pieces of art with the use of eco-friendly toner cartridges. There are so many ways that we can do, aside from using art in order to promote environment friendly living, you'll know the right medium to use base on your own personality.


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