Printing industry is continuously working on developing methods and solutions to replace the production and manufacturing processes involved in issues that affects the environment.Long before they started doing this, the print industry was facing several complains regarding the negative ecological impacts that it produces. The machines itself are not efficient enough to provide environment friendly results. Printer users as well are unconsciously generating waste which are more often ending up as land fillers or mostly in incinerators. But these stories happened long ago, although such problems still exist today, we can say that they're somehow limited and controlled.

Reducing landfill waste, this is one of the industry's main goal. Clearly and absolutely, they're giving much effort to improved and push their goal from which they expect to see far better results. Green certifications were given important bearing compared before, even manufacturers are competing to be certified by a number of industry leading organizations that are internationally recognize. Several recycling programs were also implemented and conducted in different parts of the world to promote sustainability by recycling printer supplies. Through establishing recycling programs, manufacturers and consumers work together to reduce landfill waste. If you're not familiar of such recycling programs available for your printer's brand, see this post about HP Planet Partners, especially to those who are using HP printers.

Eco-friendly inks and eco-friendly toner cartridges were also developed in the course of achieving environmentally responsible printing solutions. Bio-based inks were introduced and are supposed to replace chemical-based inks with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), however, these inks were not ideal nor efficient enough to use for conventional printing. Besides, brand manufacturers might not accept switching the ink formulas from which the customers had been accustomed for several years.

Paperless printing or communicating without the need to print was also push and promoted, This in return help save trees from being cut down, reduced environmental impact, plus the amount of paper waste we accumulate dramatically decreased over the past years. Cloud computing services also brought a lot of changes in the industry, not only the technological field of storage space. More probably we can't completely eliminate the need to use paper, but for every paperless action we made, we're moving towards one direction and that is way to a more environment friendly world.



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