Paper materials as we all know are products of the environment particularly the trees that long been growing from all places around the world. At present, there are these organizations and movements that promote reforestation as well as protecting the trees from illegal loggers. Through these efforts, all the living things thriving in every forest and similar habitats, still manage to live in peace.

It's been a long time ago, and still counting, when paper materials were created from tree pulps and other wood materials. Now the consequences are manifesting, problems with the ozone layer, carbon emission, unpredictable weather, and so on. Only because the number of trees around the world are not enough to filter what needs to be filtered. It's kind of annoying that people already know these things, yet they're not actually exerting efforts that much in order to stop it or at least reduce the effects.

Back to paper materials, before the only way, as I remember, from which papers can be made, was through extracting pulps from trees, processing it and adding chemicals, then there we have it. Of course I won't go into much details about the whole process, it'll take much time telling you everything. But that was before, cause nowadays, paper materials can now be made through different alternative resources, and believe it or not, even rocks/stones can also be a possible source.

Environment friendly companies including EcoSource and ACT came up with such great ideas to utilize all possible resources which can be used for the production of paper materials. Such resources include banana leaf, flax, and garments - they may sound quite unusual but still it works. There's also this plastic-paper material, it's actually a printable material that can be used for printing purposes, and it can even withstand heat that generates from laser printers.

There are so much of them that I want to tell you guys, but as I remember I've made some post related to this topic, about  papers made from rock materials, and many more. Also, I have all these recycling ideas and contents related to conserving paper materials, even hand crafts and fun learning projects that uses paper products. Just feel free to browse my archive.

In addition, Neeha Paper also offers alternative paper products made from real bamboo, cotton and even tortilla, that sounds tasty isn't it, I mean the tortilla paper, just kidding. Propal paper Mill also offers office paper made from sugar canes, suitable for laser printers and everyday use. All these eco-friendly paper materials are great alternative for everyone's daily printing and paper needs.

Also, recycling can be one of the easy way on how we can preserve the natural resources and materials that are typically use for producing paper products. Printing practices can also be altered to a more green and environment friendly where each and everyone in the office can minimize the use of such materials. For a far better printing, use recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges to save your hard earned money and have a greener working environment.



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