We've been accustomed to the changes and innovations that technology offer us yearly. Such a fast-phased industry that upgrades and phased out several units and machines for a very short time. Advantages come along with the competition between manufacturers, and that's good for the consumers. Let's cite the smartphone industry as an example, in this category there are a lot of big names that manufacture high-end phones from which we splurge ourselves spending our hard-earned money purchasing the latest mobile phone in the market.

Now with the competition, there goes the added features, exclusive services, unique functionality, as well as price drops and bargains which we love the most. Talking about bargains, Apple has been working on creating an even more affordable version of iPhone for those millions of users who dreamt of having such an exquisite device but incapable of purchasing one as of the moment, considering its market price.

To be able to create a cost-friendly model of the said device, Apple plans to use partial components from recycled materials, particularly those disused or old iPhone handsets. Certain changes to its shell casing will also be applied, as it will probably be using a cheaper polycarbonate plastic outer shell instead of the ultralight hard shell aluminum housing that the recent models were built with. It is allegedly expected to drop a market value of about $99 from its costly price before of $149.

Apple just like the other manufacturers that experienced a drop in sales, they are hoping that through this way it will certainly pull back what has been lost from their recent sales. With the emergence of competitive mobile devices from rival companies, a fluctuation in the market causes Apple Inc. to lose its position as the top brand of smart phone in the mobile industry. One distinct reason that this happened is that, there are smartphones now in the market that are much capable of what iOS mobile devices can provide, plus they're far more affordable compared to iPhone's price. Thus pushing the Apple Inc. to create an affordable lower-end smartphone for the masses.

This drastic measure, perhaps considered 'in the works', will result to Apple taking a step forward to become more environment-friendly. Using recycled materials, and switching the aluminum casing into cheaper polycarbonate plastic, means a lot to the environment. Since disused or defective iPhone models will be used for this project, it will certainly help reduce the e-waste we accumulate yearly.

Having it produced through recycled materials doesn't mean it's a cheap device to consider. Still it holds the name of Apple, so rest assured of its quality and performance remains more than enough, but will somehow be reduce. Besides, recycled materials are more sturdy and can perform way better than its original counterparts. One good example are these eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, they are made from recycled materials as well but provides the same quality as the original ones.



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