PrintGreen previously featured Orée Board : Wireless Keyboard Created From Wood, as the title says it all. Now I'll be featuring another modern tool that will surely astound you with its aesthetic design and earth-friendly uniqueness. Instead of having a literally lifeless keyboard, why not have a new one that is made out of organic materials.

It's quite common to see a desktop or tablet keyboard that is made of metal, glass or plastic, but to see a keyboard that is made out of wood is something new and unbelievable in a sense that you'll ask if this thing would really work. Now that question was already answered by my previous post, and now you don't have to ask it again to yourself, cause this new keyboard I'll be featuring is definitely working a hundred percent.

Are you tired of using the same old keyboard and you want to be unique, then why don't you use a keyboard made out of wood? Still can't get enough? Then get a wireless keyboard not only made out of wood, but also breaths life. “What if our technology lived and breathed?”, a question that keeps Robbie Tilton wondering.

“If it requires us to water it at night to allow it to bloom? If it were both visually and tactilely stimulating would user interactions change and would their relationship towards the object change?” With all these questions spinning around inside Robbie Tilton's mind, he started by creating a CAD model of a standard keyboard. From a piece of plywood about 1/32" (0.8-mm) thick, in order to achieve a nice wood effect he soaked it in hot water until it curves perfectly. The keycaps are elevated just like a typical keyboard, by using rubber springs instead of metal. With all his great engineering, Apple gets a touch of nature with Tilton's mossy wireless keyboard.

Tilton wanted to use real growing moss on his keyboard but since is hard to find one in New York City, he continued working with his project by substituting the real moss with fake turfs. Well indeed, it still turn out as lively and beautiful as it is. Unfortunately this wireless keyboard is currently not for sale, so I'm sorry if I snap you out of your dream but that's the real deal. You can still have an eco-friendly modern set up by using equipments and materials either made out of organic materials or are nature-friendly, just like using eco-friendly toner cartridges for your printer.



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