Make Money By Being Eco Friendly
Aside from growing your own organic garden, to feed your family with all those fresh, green, and organic dishes, or create money by selling some spare or extra harvest. You can also make money from a lot of ways by going green. Your neighbors and some market vendors may love to keep your green harvest coming, but still you can't have a good meal for your own table with the money you get from selling organic goods. So PrintGreen will try its best to provide you eco friendly, healthy living and green ideas, to keep your wallet full.

A lot of you may be aware to some of the green concepts and ways to which you can save money and cut the cost from your expenses, then saving isn't the only good thing that going green can provide you, it can also be a source of income. You may call it as your side line or side job, still whatever you call it, you'll end up earning what you never expect. Here are some of the ideas, so let's get started.

Recycling, of course it's very common that recycling can provide incomes. Well if you don't know that for now, then start upcycling and creating recycled materials that are worth for another purpose and try to introduce your masterpiece to the world. An example of this, are the eco friendly toner cartridges, these are made from returned print cartridges (empty,used) and undergo recycling process. Thus producing recycled cartridges or as what we call it remanufactured toner cartridges. From a noble idea of recycling print cartridges, the man behind this work is probably earning a lot.

Start an eco-centric business, nowadays green technology is very common and establishing a green business is somewhat another common thing. It can be catchy to some market consumers to see products that are marked with hundred recycled materials, but remember to use this mark / stamp / tag, only and if you do have a hundred percent recycled product to sell. Avoid borrowing money, i would definitely discourage you from doing it.

Blogging is a good way, really I'm telling you, for me it's a noble job to promote being Eco Friendly, help saving the environment, voicing out the ideas that can help spread the good practice of recycling, all of these are promoted through this blog. You can earn money by blogging and writing contents that are of good quality, by the way PrintGreen is not for monetizing money purpose.

Spending money to earn money is ironic, but still true. Invest your money from eco friendly houses and build your own green houses. Through the emergence of technology and green living, eco friendly houses are now getting more and more popular this days. You and your family can live in a very luxurious house, but living in an eco friendly houses is a rewarding lifestyle that you deserve. 

Have you heard of the word Precycling? It's actually not a new term either, though it may sound new to you, it's a word that eco friendly people would often love to hear. First let's define what precycling means, "Precycling is the practice of reducing waste by attempting to avoid bringing into the home or business items which will generate waste.". In short you're avoiding too much waste.

Everyone would love to see no more waste and garbage around, and the practice of precycling can do much to this goal. According to Wikipedia "Precycling emphasizes "reducing and reusing", while harnessing and questioning the momentum and popularity of the term Recycle". Recycling uses waste and worn out materials to create another useful material out of it, while precycling is the avoidance of having waste from which you don't need to recycle since you don't have any waste. So which do you think is much better, to recycle waste, or to not recycle since you don't have any waste at all? Honestly it confused me as much as you do.

There are certain ways, actually which are very simple that even kids can do it alone, from which you can diminish ways or avoid generating too much waste into your home, businesses, office and all other environment. You just need to remember this word "REDUCE", reduce your waste consumption.

As much as you can avoid, prevent yourself from purchasing products in plastic packages and all other non reusable bags and packaging. The more you purchase consumables in plastic bags, take out meals from fast food / restaurants, or from whatever market, the more you generate plastic materials into your home.

Paper bills, from every services and providers, these when all piled up can create a bunch of nonetheless waste. Although paper materials can be decompose, still it's a good practice to reduce your paper consumption and usage. Instead of receiving them from your doorsteps every month, why not subscribe to their electronic billing service from you can receive your bills straight to your email inbox.

Use the internet, is a free source of a vast knowledge, how to's, stories, news, and all that you need. Instead of buying books on how to learn cooking, novels, magazines, news paper, and all forms of learning that are printed in paper materials. Make use of the internet, if you still not aware of the things you can know from the world wide web, then you'll be amaze of all the things and learning that you'll get from it, paperless.

Avoid, avoid, avoid purchasing consumables and stuffs that are disposable. Disposable materials are commonly made of plastic materials, just like disposal utensils, one day use consumables, even those juice in tetra packs and bottled water. You can instead buy a juice bottle or water bottle /jag, that you can give for your kids to use for school. You can also use recycled materials which can be decomposed like eco friendly stuffs, for example eco friendly toner cartridges, and create green printouts with your printer.

There are so many ways you can do to reduce waste consumption or avoid using materials that will generate waste. Make your own way on practicing precycling, and create a big difference.

Carboon Footprint
Carbon Footprint, have you heard of these terms? If we would define it, the term carbon footprint is the actual impact of our daily activities on the climate change. We've often heard the word reduce, that comes after the term carbon footprint, it simply implies that we need to reduce our footprints not literally of those what you think of, but carbon footprints.

Does reducing our carbon footprints really matters, or can create a great impact? The carbon dioxide that us individuals produced during our daily activity has an equivalent measurement of the greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change. Reducing the amount of emitted carbon dioxide, we can also decrease our impact to global warming and climate change. There are several ways to which we can reduce our personal carbon footprints and live no trails behind.

First thing we can do is to conserve water, water conservation is not that hard really, and there are several options and ways that you can do to conserve water. Do i need to list down all the instruction and ways on which you can water? Of course i can do that, but it'll take hundreds of article on my blog to fully list down all of them. I know for sure that you have your common sense and that you can do little things that can help conserve water, or lessen the consumption of water in your home, school, office, or from any environment you are.

Switch to more efficient and eco friendly lighting's, just like from PrintGreen's previous post Security and Eco Friendly In one. Replace your burn out light bulbs with those eco friendly light source or you can even use natural light from morning and switch on energy efficient lighting at night. Always turn off lights that are not in use, which also saves you from your electricity bills.

Use eco friendly equipments and energy efficient alternatives to your house. You can try recycled materials of all kinds that can be use as an alternative to your daily needs. You can reduce the use of electronic appliances, for example you can practice eco friendly printing by using eco friendly toner cartridges, which are made from recycled empty cartridges and are often called as remanufactured toner cartridges.

You can also made a difference by making your own way of reducing carbon footprints. Everyone of us lives a trail from our daily activities, and it wouldn't cause any harm if we would try to reduce our personal carbon footprints especially if it would help save the environment.

Eco Friendly Security Lighting
If you really give a big importance to your families safety and becoming an eco friendly as well then there are a lot of options available over the net that you can choose from. Don't be too confident about security matters, you may not have the stuffs to keep in secret, but remember that aside from those material things that your house do have, the families most precious gems are their children. And there are several ways that can be done without loosing much from your budget.

For a parent who really cares for their kids, should have known that as soon the sun sets down and darkness spreads, there are eyes looking for their prey house waiting for the right peak to commence their dark schemes. Good thing that technology has invented security purpose equipments, that detects people lurking outside your houses and shops with awful intentions. Who knows what they might be capable of doing, so it's better to spend some of your hard earned money to invest for your families safety and security. What else do you want to know before you start looking for the right security and light system that can definitely deter those lurking eyes around your home, besides there are cost effective and eco friendly security options that you can choose from.

One of eco friendly options I was talking about is the solar powered security lighting. It's a self sustaining lighting that comes with  rechargeable battery, and it's really useful if you don't have the option of plugging in some security light. Once the power supply goes out, need not to worry cause this lighting as I've said has it's own self-contained power supply system. If you prefer style, then you don't have to trouble yourself cause their also stylish and appropriate for your classy houses. It can simply look like a decorative light, which deceives the bad guys from its real purpose.

If you're now thinking of embedding security to your house, the go for the options that requires less energy consumption, we all know that energy consumption can be costly, so to avoid getting shocking bills then use less. This security light has a motion sensor installed that when it sense any movement the LED light will automatically turn on and it's a signal that there might be someone around the corner. Do you know that LED lights can last up to 45 years? So it's really efficient to use these kind of lights to your house, and it would be better if you start using energy efficient equipments in your house. Aside from energy saving equipments, there are also eco friendly stuffs that you can use as an alternative, and it'll surely cut down your expenses. Just like the eco friendly toner cartridges that you can use for your printer, they're environment friendly and cost effective printer supplies. Recycled materials are not substandard, unless it comes from none trust worthy retailers, but these remanufactured toner cartridges brings a great contribution for the environment.

PrintGreen and everyone of us has something or even someone to protect, it can be your precious stuffs, yourself alone, your friends, and most of all your family, so it's worth to spend some bucks for your families security.

Cost cutting and budget limiting, these are just common matters for schools. Time schedule for classes are getting lesser, just to cut down the cost, some schools have a four day class instead of having five days, thus students need to spend more time in school for their class period. There are certain factors to which it affects the school situation, thus making such decisions to help cut down their school expenses. Four days of school means one free day from the expense of school buses, room coolers, school facility equipments, and employees as well.

Though it may not be a big deal to some students and other schools, aside from shortening the week, they can also create several ways to help cut down the schools expense. Perhaps it's time to start going green, just like what PrintGreen often tells to everyone of you. There are highly advanced houses nowadays that require higher amount of power supply, so to suffice the need for electricity, they use solar panels to gather electricity by converting the heat of the sun into power sources. Why not implement this method to your school, it may definitely bring a gradual decrease to your electricity bills, and most of all you'll save great amount of money.

Use eco friendly office equipments, there are several machines and equipments from the market that you can find. Reduce if it needs, reduce the materials that are not too necessary to cut the cost of buying new materials. There are eco friendly school supplies just like from my previous post : Head Back To School With Eco-Friendly Tools. A countless number of cost efficient materials and school supplies will overwhelm you, like recycled notebooks and planners, pencils made from recycled newspapers, pen cases, reusable cloth bags, and many more. You just have to be a good researcher and a wise buyer as well.

Consider practicing a more cost effective use of school materials and equipments. Like the use of printer, you don't have to print everything you wanted, just print stuffs that are really needed and must be important. You should also teach your students to start practicing eco friendly printing not just in school but also in their home. Consider using recycled printer papers when printing, and also you can try installing alternative print cartridges to your printer, like eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. They are way cheaper, or should we say less expensive, or how about cost effective, or just budget friendly. Whatever you call it, still it helps you cut down the huge printing expense that you're experiencing either from school or from your home. 

It's always great and exciting to prepare meals for your kids now that they're heading back to school for autumn. Though there's quite a number of moms out there who find it hard to prepare lunch box meals for their kids, still it's always a great way to express that you care for them. Wouldn't you be glad to see their faces looking so happy while getting their lunch box from their bags and wondering what you have prepared for the day. But being eco friendly even with meal preparation is something you shouldn't take for granted.

It's very common or rather typical for some students to have lunch boxes full of tetra packs of juice, plastic wrappers or bags, and disposable spoon and forks. All of which if you don't know, end up in landfills and dump sites from where mountains of garbage are piling day after day. Unless, your kids are properly guided and discipline about the proper waste management and plastic use reduction.

To make it more special, how about preparing an inexpensive meal for your kids this back to school season, the Greener way. It's not like what you think it is, though yes you may try your luck putting some veggies to your child's meal, and crossing your fingers that they would eat them. Here's some of the great eco friendly meal preparation and packagings that you should try when preparing your kids meal before they head back to school.

Lunch Boxes/Bags: Rather than use paper bags that get thrown in the trash each day, send your child off to school with a reusable lunch box or bag. Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, avoid bags and boxes that include lead, vinyl and PVC. There are a variety of cloth lunch bags and eco-friendly lunch boxes available on the market. Check out this website for some inexpensive options. Amazon also has some cute eco-friendly options available and box stores like Walmart and Target also carry a wide range of lunch boxes and reusable bags.

Sandwich Wrappers: Instead of putting sandwiches in a plastic baggie, invest in a reusable sandwich wrapper or container. There is a variety of options available cropping up in box stores and at the grocery store. Reusable sandwich wrappers are also available online. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could even make your own!

Avoid Individual Prepackaged Food and Snacks: Buying those cute little individual snack packs may seem convenient and perfect to toss in the kids’ lunch, but they also create a lot of waste (and, cost more). Instead, invest in reusable snack-size containers, which can be used for a variety of items from pretzels to cut up fruit! This way, you can also save money by buying snacks in bulk. Remember to look for food safe containers that are lead, PVC and BPA free.

Switch to Cloth: Do you pack a paper napkin in your child’s lunchbox each day? Try switching to a cloth napkin to cut down on waste. They're probably sitting in your dining room hutch not being used anyway!

Buy a Good Juice Bottle: Rather than waste your money and add to landfills with all those juice boxes, send your child to school with a stainless steal bottle (or BPA-free plastic bottle) filled with juice or water from a larger bottle at home.

Remind: Remind your child NOT to throw out the reusable items you send in for lunch! Have them just repack everything back in his/her lunch bag to bring back home.

You can try a lot of alterations and mix match some tips from the list, so they would have a different set of meal preparation for the whole week. From home, you can try switching from OEM printer cartridges to eco friendly toner cartridges, and explain them the benefits of using recycled or remanufactured toner cartridges, to nurture more their learning about recylcing.

Eco Friendly Notebooks & Binders
Your last days of summer is completely over, whether you like it or not, you'll be heading back to school sooner or later. Equip your self and be ready for a new year of learning, and better start it the greener way with some eco friendly tools and school supplies that will gear you up from heading back to school.

To have an environment friendly start and a perfect school year, gear yourself with green stuffs that can help you even with the most daunting projects and homework from school. What i mean with green stuffs are not those leafy vegetables, nor green goodies and treats for recess. What i mean with green stuffs are those school supplies that are made from recycled materials which made them the perfect eco friendly school supplies for school.

First on our round up are these earth friendly Ecosystem journals, planner and notebooks which are made from 100% recycled paper materials. If you're a student who cares for the environment and would like to use recycled materials, these Ecosystem journals expresses you're inner personality as a nature lover and environment friendly student, and not all that, you can also customize your ecosystem book with the use of specifically sized recycled inserts that fit in the back pocket of your journal or planner, to add an additional functionality to your notebook.

Second on our list of eco friendly school supplies are the Naked Binders. These school binders are not the common binders that are non recyclable, these are free of plastic, and vinyl or toxins. They are 100% recyclable and are made from recycled materials. So after your school year has been done, you can still make use of your old binders and folders by recycling them to able to use it again for the next school year.

By using these eco friendly notebooks and binders, our ecosystem can save thousands of full grown trees that are required for the production of paper materials such are notebooks and pads. We can also use recycled paper materials when printing our school projects and research papers. To make it more nature friendly, use eco friendly toner cartridges for your printer and PrintGreen with those nature friendly printer cartridges and printer papers.

Eco Friendly School Supplies
Well i guest summer is completely over, it may not be over for everyone of us but there some buddies out there who definitely enjoy the long summer vacation and are so excited to head back to school. Of course you can't sail the boat without completing the supplies needed for the voyage. So here's a great list of cool and eco friendly stuffs that you'll be needing before you head back to school, remember that a good boy scout is always prepared and ready.

Recycled school supplies may not seem to be a familiar term, well apparently it's not actually common but they're really durable. First on the list are the recycled pencils, for kids and grade schools you'll surely need a bunch of pencils to keep up with all the writings and math problems to solve that your teacher will throw at you. These pencils are made from 100% recycled wood and brilliantly come with a smudge resistant eraser, is there any eraser cooler than this. If you opt to use mechanical pencils, then there are biodegradable pencil that's right for you.

Now you're thinking of where should you keep all the pencils in one, so you won't get a problem on digging inside your bag. Instead of using metal pencil case, or plastic case and pouch, how about an eco friendly tube case or zipper pouch. All those writing tools you be more greener when kept inside this recycled pouches and tube case. What's cool with these two aside from being eco friendly is that they're stylish, durable, and water resistant.

You now have the right pencil kept in a perfect tube case, now all you need is something to where you can use those writing tools. Of course you need notebooks and journals to jot down all your assignments and lecture notes. There are recycled notebooks and journals for every purpose and type of students, for architects there's the grid line type, for art enthusiast there's a non-lined type, and lastly for aspiring authors there's the lined type of journals and notebooks. All made from recycled materials from the US.

If you can't get enough, then there's a lot of back to school supplies out in the market that are made from recycled materials like printer cartridges. There are eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges suitable for your environment friendly printing needs. PrintGreen will keep you posted for more eco friendly school supplies to get you ready to head back to school.

_Helpful Eco Friendly Tips from PrintGreen
  • Avoid buying in plastic sachets and “tipid-packs,” buy in bulk as much as possible and choose items in reusable or recyclable containers.
  • Be a smart consumer, small is beautiful and less is more. Say no to plastic bags, make eco-bags your lifetime companion and always keep reusable/foldable bags in your purse or pocket for your needs.
  • Bring empty ice cream or biscuit containers or small buckets when going to the market. You can use them for wet goods such as fish, poultry or meat before putting them into the basket or reusable bag.
  • Carry a personal litter bag or hold on to your rubbish such as bus tickets, food wrappers and cigarette butts until you have found a bin.
  • Discourage others from dropping or dumping trash; courteously explain how litter ruins the environment and damages public health and welfare.
  • Don’t dispose hazardous waste such as mercury-containing lamps, batteries and thermometers in regular trash.
  • Don’t toss cigarette filters on the ground; work hard to quit smoking.
  • Make it a habit to bring your own drinking water in a refillable water tumbler or jug. For coffee drinkers, always bring your refillable coffee mug/tumbler.
  • Make it a practice to carry reusable food containers with you. This would come handy for take outs as well as leftovers from restaurants.
  • Never throw litter out of cars; keep a litter bag in your vehicle to collect your trash until a bin is available.
  • Refrain from consuming single-use, throw-away stuff and opt for reusable ones such as cloth table napkin and cover instead of disposable ones, handkerchief in place of tissues, native fans in lieu of plastic fans.
  • Reduce, reuse, repair, repurpose, segregate at source, recycle, compost and never litter your discards. Commit to diverting useful discards away from dumpsites, landfills, incinerators and cement kilns.
  • Use recycled materials, like remanufactured laser toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges creates a big impact for the environment by diminishing the need for natural resources required to produce new materials and printer cartridges.
__Being eco friendly is truly a better idea, and energy saving could be more meaningful if you applied it on building your own house. To lessen the overall carbon footprint, houses and buildings uses products that are environmental friendly, and even the cars they use are nature friendly. There are several ways and methods that you can do to lessen your impact on the environment.

One of these great ideas is by building an eco friendly house. Cutting down the pollution, carbon prints, waste / garbage pollution, and saving the environment, is like saving yourself as well. Transforming your house or even building your own house into an eco friendly home can give you a lot of benefits and it can also improve your health.

Eco friendly house decreases the use of these harmful toxins as well as the exposure of the family who lives or will be living there. There are toxins used in building houses that can be harmful to us, and if you can avoid using them they why not. An example of harmful toxins used in building houses are lead paints, chemically altered plastics and some can be hazardous that using insufficient doses may cause eye and respiratory problems, headaches, dizziness, visual problems, and memory impairment.

Have you heard of natural lights, or are you been aware what are these natural lights? Eco friendly houses uses natural light that comes from the sun and the moon, literally. How does natural light can be of help? Aside from it decreases your electricity bill, which everyone will surely love, it improves your sleep as compared to when you're expose to unnatural or process light sources like light bulbs and fluorescent. Better sleep improves the mental awareness of a person, and also your metabolism. The sun rays and our body have a connection that not every knows, insufficient exposure to sunlight may cause restless body and ineffective sleep.

Environment friendly choices, like having an eco friendly house benefits not only our planet but also us. There's always a room for being eco friendly, and everyone can do their part to become one. A house that is eco friendly, having a family or a person that's environmentally minded and concern with the environment is a hundred times efficient compared to advance building and houses that are built nowadays. To top it up, an environment friendly house wouldn't be complete without using nature friendly materials and supplies, like eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for your printer. Remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges are cost effective solutions that contributes to lessen you bills and expense.



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