It's always great and exciting to prepare meals for your kids now that they're heading back to school for autumn. Though there's quite a number of moms out there who find it hard to prepare lunch box meals for their kids, still it's always a great way to express that you care for them. Wouldn't you be glad to see their faces looking so happy while getting their lunch box from their bags and wondering what you have prepared for the day. But being eco friendly even with meal preparation is something you shouldn't take for granted.

It's very common or rather typical for some students to have lunch boxes full of tetra packs of juice, plastic wrappers or bags, and disposable spoon and forks. All of which if you don't know, end up in landfills and dump sites from where mountains of garbage are piling day after day. Unless, your kids are properly guided and discipline about the proper waste management and plastic use reduction.

To make it more special, how about preparing an inexpensive meal for your kids this back to school season, the Greener way. It's not like what you think it is, though yes you may try your luck putting some veggies to your child's meal, and crossing your fingers that they would eat them. Here's some of the great eco friendly meal preparation and packagings that you should try when preparing your kids meal before they head back to school.

Lunch Boxes/Bags: Rather than use paper bags that get thrown in the trash each day, send your child off to school with a reusable lunch box or bag. Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, avoid bags and boxes that include lead, vinyl and PVC. There are a variety of cloth lunch bags and eco-friendly lunch boxes available on the market. Check out this website for some inexpensive options. Amazon also has some cute eco-friendly options available and box stores like Walmart and Target also carry a wide range of lunch boxes and reusable bags.

Sandwich Wrappers: Instead of putting sandwiches in a plastic baggie, invest in a reusable sandwich wrapper or container. There is a variety of options available cropping up in box stores and at the grocery store. Reusable sandwich wrappers are also available online. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could even make your own!

Avoid Individual Prepackaged Food and Snacks: Buying those cute little individual snack packs may seem convenient and perfect to toss in the kids’ lunch, but they also create a lot of waste (and, cost more). Instead, invest in reusable snack-size containers, which can be used for a variety of items from pretzels to cut up fruit! This way, you can also save money by buying snacks in bulk. Remember to look for food safe containers that are lead, PVC and BPA free.

Switch to Cloth: Do you pack a paper napkin in your child’s lunchbox each day? Try switching to a cloth napkin to cut down on waste. They're probably sitting in your dining room hutch not being used anyway!

Buy a Good Juice Bottle: Rather than waste your money and add to landfills with all those juice boxes, send your child to school with a stainless steal bottle (or BPA-free plastic bottle) filled with juice or water from a larger bottle at home.

Remind: Remind your child NOT to throw out the reusable items you send in for lunch! Have them just repack everything back in his/her lunch bag to bring back home.

You can try a lot of alterations and mix match some tips from the list, so they would have a different set of meal preparation for the whole week. From home, you can try switching from OEM printer cartridges to eco friendly toner cartridges, and explain them the benefits of using recycled or remanufactured toner cartridges, to nurture more their learning about recylcing.



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