Most printer users preferred purchasing new equipment instead of just replacing its empty cartridges with a new set. But having a new printer only means that your old one must go into disposal. If it doesn't even count on you the sentimental value of your printer buddy, then why not think about the impacts it can bring to the environment once this junk of your is not properly discarded.

Printer equipments, from inside and out are all made of non decomposable materials, mainly plastics. Of course it doesn't only work with just plastic components, there are rubbers and metals inside its mechanism that makes the whole machine. However, discussing about its components isn't our topic for this post, our concern is how can we properly get rid of with our old but not obsolete, printer buddy. Nowadays, a typical printer are often thought of as a disposable equipment, indeed it is, every appliances has their limit from which we have to disposed them of. Especially the consumables particularly the laser toner and ink cartridges that every printer consumed.

To help find a way or think of a possible solution on how you can get rid of your old printer equipments as well as the empty or used cartridges, let's have a simple list of how you can either disposed or reuse them.

If you value your printer that much but it's not working properly as much as you wanted, then why not make a craft out of it. Reuse it and make something unique yet helpful, to cite an example, I saw an article over the net from which a printer chassis was used to create a mailbox. Well that is something I've never thought of doing, and it's really awesome. Try to think of other ideas and craft where you can make use of your old printer, from its chassis down to its smallest component.

Cartridges, as they are just small containers can be used as house ornaments, or you could grow an herb from it that you can use as an ornament in the kitchen while having some fresh spices and herb supplies. Also, a dash of creativity will do the trick for you to think of a wonderful masterpiece out of these empty printer cartridges. There are a lot of art works and exhibits wherein they have featured an art piece that used toner and ink cartridges as a medium.

If you don't have that much talent and creative inside you, then go GREEN and recycle those materials. With the cartridges, it's not advisable to refill it and re-install on a printer. As it can lead much trouble to your printer, than you getting bothered by the expense of purchasing replacement cartridges. If you want to literally save and cut down your printing expenses, then opt for the alternative, they're not just refilled alone, re-manufactured cartridges are environmentally beneficial. These recycled printer cartridges are considered as eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, providing cost-efficient printing solution while helping save the environment at the same time.

For those who knew about recycling centers around their areas, you can send them out to their facilities in exchange of some bucks. That lives you with no other reason not to be responsible for the environment and be creative as well.



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