What makes Lexmark cartridges different from the other major brands, in terms of being environmentally responsible? First let's give credits to Lexmark for being one of the remarkable printer equipment manufacturer, mainly for their cartridge recycling programs. Also, there's a noticeable price drop in their printer cartridges and other related consumables, which tends to attract more customers. Compared to the price of printer cartridges from most big names in the printing industry, Lexmark toner cartridges and ink cartridges are considerably low in price.

A wide array of cartridge return programs are supported by the company, most of these are easily accessible on the part of their customers. Customers are liable to return empty or used Lexmark cartridges for recycling purposes. With that, as a responsible person, instead of just throwing away or disposing your printer's cartridges, you can instead send them out to Lexmark and let those empty containers be reused.

Lexmark Return Programs are consistently aiding in the global advocacy of reducing waste and hazardous materials from ending in landfills. Such poisonous elements and potentially harmful chemicals can contaminate a landfill once emitted. Thus for every piece of cartridge you returned, aside from becoming more environmentally responsible, you also contributed on promoting green printing practices.

What are the highlights of Lexmark recycling programs?
  • Their recycling plants are ISQS (International Standard Quality Systems) licensed.
  • About 50 countries around the world are supported by Lexmark's cartridges return program.
  • There are different methods and ways on how a customer can return their used or empty cartridges.
  • Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program, just like the others, promotes environmental responsibility in such a hefty move.
  • Most of all, Lexmark Cartridge Return Program is totally free of charge for all its loyal customers.
If you're an Epson printer fanatic, or it just so happened that you have one at home or in the office, it wouldn't be that much of a hassle to participate in this kind of ecological program. Since it's free, you don't have to worry about the cost it would take to send out an empty cartridge to one of their recycling sites. Just be a responsible person and help save the environment by reusing e-waste materials so we can have a greener world to live.



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