Have you ever imagine that one of your advance equipment use in home, can actually use farm products. Let's say i include potatoes in your coolers and fan, sounds silly but who knows it may be applied in the near future. You can't really predict technology and its gradual advancement. Who would have thought that soybeans can be fused with toners or inks and produce a synthetic product. 

OSC which stands for Ohio Soybean Council worked in association with Battelle, a global research and development organization creating value through innovation for the world. Their main purpose is to build up an environmentally friendly toner utilizing soybeans. Discoverings about the use of soybeans and its possible application to different products is OSC's honor. Their hard work leads to the creation of a bio-based toner that replaces the conventional petroleum-based toners that we normally use.

OSC Chairman, Keith Kemp stated, "We are satisfied to observe this task appear to fruition. OSC still continues to be a great leader in funding investigation to elaborate soy biobased products and soy toner mission has been by far our principal success by now."

The company of Battelle company named the soy-based resin product as "BioRez". Advance Image Resources, Inc is the licensee of these expertise. BioRez contains 60 percent of bio-based products and is a vital element in the production of the toners that are widely use in laser toner printers all around the world. West Point, a leading producer of after market products has seen the benefits of this bio-based toner and released its own bio-based product which they named as AgriTone. It is a remanufactured toner cartridge that contains 35 percent bio-based toner.

AgriTone cartridges is compatible for the following printers:

• HP LaserJet 4200 series
• HP LaserJet 4300 series 
• HP LaserJet 4345mfp
• HP LaserJet 4250/4350 series

Bio-based products definitely spurs the economic progress by expanding the demand for agricultural sources. It also promotes the benefit of renewing our natural resources and improves the environment by using what is already existing from our nature. BioRez toner is perfectly suitable for eco-friendly toner cartridge, what more could you ask for. Paper recycling also benefits from this invention, since printed materials that used bio-based toner are much easy to recycle unlike to those materials printed with petroleum-based toners. 

This innovation can greatly help numerous farmers who benefit from soy crops around the world. The introduction of bio-based products can possibly tend to attract more organizations to create and develop more bio-based materials for everyone of us.



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