I know it sounds too late for me to have a post for this, but this thing is really awesome. There are a lot of inventions and great stuffs that were born from great ideas about recycling or were at least created thru eco-friendly concerns for the environment. Now here's another addition to our environment beneficial inventions. It's not literally invention, cause this equipment has been in the market fro several years, the only difference of this model is that uses bio-polymer from corn. The great mind behind this innovation is none other than the tech giant in printer manufacturing business, Hewlett Packard.

This company had done a lot when it comes to recycling, like programs, centers and facilities, even incorporating recyclables into their other products. Their recycling programs encourage a lot of users to return used/empty printer cartridges for re-processing, thus creating eco-friendly toner cartridges. For those who haven't heard of a desktop printer that's composed of materials made from corn, well don't be surprised cause HP has already invented it. Though i really don't an idea if it has been out in the market, but the idea of having one of this is not bad at all. There were arguments, since the use of corn as bio-polymer may lead to potentially hazardous resource, when using genetically-modified crops.

Bio-composite plastic polymers will soon become a good product design in the future, granted that it'll be use on practical scales. This idea is better be expanded to a more broader studies, to avoid any arguments that may arise when it comes to its negative impacts on the environment. Anything that can greatly contribute for the betterment of our environment will be appreciated by most us, but don't take for the granted the hazardous impacts that it can bring, so better be careful when experimenting. Though there's already a proven environment friendly innovation in the printing industry, just like those eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These are re-process printer supplies from their customers, that undergo re-manufacturing to produce remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. But just like the other recycled materials, these products can still be potentially harmful for the environment with their ink/toner inside. Good thing there are soy-based and other natural based inks and toners that can be used as an alternative, but haven't been implemented by most manufacturers.


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