__Being eco friendly is truly a better idea, and energy saving could be more meaningful if you applied it on building your own house. To lessen the overall carbon footprint, houses and buildings uses products that are environmental friendly, and even the cars they use are nature friendly. There are several ways and methods that you can do to lessen your impact on the environment.

One of these great ideas is by building an eco friendly house. Cutting down the pollution, carbon prints, waste / garbage pollution, and saving the environment, is like saving yourself as well. Transforming your house or even building your own house into an eco friendly home can give you a lot of benefits and it can also improve your health.

Eco friendly house decreases the use of these harmful toxins as well as the exposure of the family who lives or will be living there. There are toxins used in building houses that can be harmful to us, and if you can avoid using them they why not. An example of harmful toxins used in building houses are lead paints, chemically altered plastics and some can be hazardous that using insufficient doses may cause eye and respiratory problems, headaches, dizziness, visual problems, and memory impairment.

Have you heard of natural lights, or are you been aware what are these natural lights? Eco friendly houses uses natural light that comes from the sun and the moon, literally. How does natural light can be of help? Aside from it decreases your electricity bill, which everyone will surely love, it improves your sleep as compared to when you're expose to unnatural or process light sources like light bulbs and fluorescent. Better sleep improves the mental awareness of a person, and also your metabolism. The sun rays and our body have a connection that not every knows, insufficient exposure to sunlight may cause restless body and ineffective sleep.

Environment friendly choices, like having an eco friendly house benefits not only our planet but also us. There's always a room for being eco friendly, and everyone can do their part to become one. A house that is eco friendly, having a family or a person that's environmentally minded and concern with the environment is a hundred times efficient compared to advance building and houses that are built nowadays. To top it up, an environment friendly house wouldn't be complete without using nature friendly materials and supplies, like eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for your printer. Remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges are cost effective solutions that contributes to lessen you bills and expense.


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