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According to a news from Canon, the imaging and optical products manufacturing company, they'll be rolling out an inkjet cartridge recycling scheme across more than 15 countries in Europe. This program has been formed following the success of Canon's one-year trial recycling program in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Canon stated :
''Our company's inkjet recycling scheme allows customers to recycle genuine Canon inkjet cartridges for free and ensures 100% of each cartridge is diverted from landfill.

According to the company, there is more than 97% of each cartridge has been either reused or recycled into new products while the remaining 3% will fall to the waste-to-energy sector.

If you can remember the voluntary agreement to green the printing industry which was favored by the biggest names in printing industry, Canon was also included on the list of manufacturers that signed up with the agreement. Again to explain the purpose of the said agreement, one of its great intention is to greatly reduce EU Industry's carbon footprint emission in terms of printing and copying.

This wonderful move by Canon has resulted in more than 287,000 tons of printer toner cartridges that were collected globally, which leads on saving more than 185,000 tons of raw materials needed in the production of printer consumables. Since 1990, the printer toner cartridges recycling scheme has been running in 20 countries - 16 countries where in EU.

For the list of supported countries which can be able to recycle their Canon printer cartridges, you may refer on the checklist below :
Austira            Belgium            Czech Repulic
Denmark         Finland              France
Germany         Ireland              Luxembourg
Netherlands     Norway             Slovakia
Sweden          Switzerland        United Kingdom

Customers and consumers of Canon printer products will be asked to fill in a short form online, upon which Canon will supply a free-post return envelope so the customers cartridges can be returned for recycling purposes, thus creating eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges from Canon printer manufacturing company.



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