Previously we had a lot of crafting ideas on how to create your own Christmas trees the green way, and last time we had a post about Paper Made Christmas Trees For Centerpiece. Now on this post, we'll be taking a bit of a rest on making environment-friendly Christmas trees, instead we'll be creating Christmas cards made out of magazines and colorful pages of newspapers.

Conserving is one of our goals in here, just knowing that in order to produce paper materials, timbers, logs or woods are cut down to sustain our paper needs. To give justice for those trees, we must recycle paper materials as much as we could. So to give you another idea on how you can recycle those old magazines and newspapers for this coming holiday, here's a fun crafting activity that you can even share with your families and friends for Christmas.

First we need to gather these materials before we could start our project:
  • old magazines and newspapers
  • scissors and glue
  • ruler and Christmas inspired templates
  • white cardboard
So to start, you must choose the colorful pages from your magazines and newspapers. Now get your templates, you can either use a tree shape template, a snow man template, a flower or star or angel, whatever you want. Trace the template design on the magazine page, and start making cut outs, the more the better. Next, prepare your white card boards, cut it into a rectangular shape (size may vary depending on your preferences) then fold it in center creating a bi-fold card. Then pick your choice for whatever design you would like to paste on your cards, you can add two to three designs of your choice on both sides of the card. Once you're done pasting and gluing the designs, let it rest for a while allowing to dry out the glue. If everything's clear and the glue dried out, you can now include sweet and warm messages for those people whom you'll giving these thoughtful Christmas cards.

To add a bit of surprise before they get to know what's inside it, you can also put them in box, jars or containers. You can also make gift cards from those cut outs, just paste a small white piece of paper to have some space from where you can write your short messages.

Keep posted for more crafting and fun projects here on PrintGreen, or you can check some of my previous post for other ideas that you can do to make your Christmas a greener holiday. Living a green life isn't that hard to do, just always use recycled or earth friendly products and consumables like those remanufactured toner cartridges that you can use on your offices and personal printing needs. 



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