Christmas isn't completely over, well it's more of like for me it's not, anyway we still have the countdown before New Year's eve. Unlike Christmas, the New Year's holiday has no particular type or kind of decors that you could use to embellish your houses, aside from the fact that fireworks represent the festivity of celebrating New Year. While on the other hand, a Christmas tree literally represents the Christmas holiday. And do you know for a fact that these trees particularly the spruces, pines and firs are unbelievably helping to reduce green house gases?

Lund University and Stockholm University researchers from Sweden discovered that these trees we often use as decorations in our houses, can be able to absorb methane gases. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more harmful compared to carbon dioxide. In addition to what they're typical capable of absorbing, the carbon dioxides, they can exceptionally absorb methane gases which contradicts the speculations from previous studies that these trees emit methane.

I know it can't be help to cut down trees every year for Christmas, by nature we find it more perfect to have a real tree instead of synthetic bristly plastic trees that can be bought from the mall. But knowing this fact, I guest it can help reduce deforestation and would encourage people to plant more trees of this type to help save the environment. 

The research which was led by Elin Sundqvist came up with an explanation, ”Our results offer a third explanation: that an increasing amount of CH4 has been taken up by vegetation during the last decades as a consequence of increased greenness." Which means that these trees particularly spruce, pines, firs and all other trees of this type work hard just to absorb methane gases from the atmosphere.

This lives as with the conclusion that by cutting even a single tree that absorbs green house gases, it doesn't only affects the environment but us as well, unless we can replace them or put ourselves on their shoes and do all the absorbing on a daily basis. Once the holidays are through, we shouldn't neglect our responsibility as a human to protect the only place where we can live. We may rejoice and have fun all the way as long as we want during Christmas and New Year, but after we're through let's not forget to clean up every little pieces of waste we made. As a matter of fact it isn't too late, you still have the New Year's holiday to make changes and consider it including on your New Year's resolution. Plant more trees, save the earth, use recycled materials, diminish waste contributing products, be more green by using reprocess products like eco-friendly toner cartridges and other office supplies, and live a greener new year.



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