Do you have lot's of plastic bottles out there, well don't just throw them away cause we'll be using those liter size plastic drinking bottles on our next Halloween recycling craft. If you've been wondering what else can you do with all those bottles of soft drinks after it finally quench your thirst, then let me keep you busy with this fun soda bottle recycling project. Since Halloween is here to come, and I've been posting a few crafting activity for this holiday, here's another project for everyone of you that will bring more spooks to your hallows eve.

We'll be making a cloche decoration with a Halloween theme. First what is cloche, it's an alternate name for a bell jar, typically a rounded glass with no bottom that can be set over collectibles to display them. Now do you get the idea of what our project will looks like? If you have lots of collectibles that you want to show off with your friends, and you don't want to get them dusty or dirty as it aged, them putting them inside a cloche will do the trick, plus it can be a nice decor for your room.

But since Halloween will be our theme for this crafting activity, instead of using your precious collectibles, we'll be using weird, eerie, spooky, creepy objects that are associated and often seen during the hallows eve. For example, wide eyeballs, bloody faces, floating ghosts, creepy insects, zombie hands, skulls, and well they're too many to mention. It depends on your preferences what to use for our recycling project.

To start making the cloche, you need to ask for an adult to do the cutting part, kids are not allowed to use the knife nor participate on cutting the plastic bottles. You need to cut off the bottom of the soda bottle using a utility knife, it would be easier if you put a mark using a marker from which you will use as guide. Then remove the label and thoroughly clean the bottle to remove the scent of the soda or any stains around. Remove the lid of it, and replace it with something more nice and appropriate like a cork from your empty wine bottles, or you may use a small styrofoam ball and glue it as a cover.

After making the cloche, of course you need something like a base from which you will use as a surface to put your creepy objects. To make it, you need a foam disc, size will vary depending on the size of your soda bottle, but make sure you have some allowance around the side. Let's say a 13'' soda bottle has a circumference of about 4'', therefore you need to make 6-7'' disc foam. Place the bottle at the center of the disc and trace around it using a pointed pen, remove the bottle and repeat tracing the circle creating a deep cove/groove.

You can now place on top of the disc those things you chose to use for this craft. Glue it firmly and make sure you place it not beyond the circle. Finally you can now position the soda bottle in the cove circle, adjust it by twisting until it perfectly stand straight. For finishing touches, you can use a spray paint, to put some color on the disk, or you can add glitters on top or at the side of the disk.

I hope you enjoyed my simple crafting activities, I'll keep you posted for more Halloween themed projects to gear you up for this coming holiday. This project is really one essential activity that will teach your kids and all the other members of your family how fun and great to do plastic recycling. Don't forget to add text and images on your cloche project to add more creepiness on it, use eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges on your printer to have greener prints.


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