Don't waste your old garments, RECYCLE it, and create a new fashion trend from reused apparel. 3D printing technology is something not new to most of us, but its creations and application are the things that can put us in to a jaw drop state. There are so much that it can do and manufacture such as miniatures or life-size figures, fully functional components and parts of a machine, even weapons. But it doesn't just end there, textiles or some sort of similar materials were used, hence entering the fashion industry.

Conceived by the vision of having a machine that can make his own wardrobe collection, Joshua Harris, an Industrial designer, has developed the Clothing Printer. With his colleagues, they were able to develop the printer as an entry in the Electrolux Lab design competition which was held in the year 2010.

The considerably intriguing Clothing Printer is actually a wall-mounted personal appliance that is connected to a particular fashion designer or apparel company. Through electronic data transfer, these designers and clothing company could send their digital designs to the printer from any house. If the customer likes the design, they can instantly print it using the Clothing Printer equipped with material cartridges, and the company makes a sale.

It's incredible, but here's more beyond what you've been thinking while reading this post. Once you're done with the clothe, or you just get bored with its style, just feed it back to the printer, and let the machine tear it down into thread for reuse, so you can have a new fashion trend for the next occasion.

The developer, Joshua Harris, stated "It would reduce or eliminate the need for closets, washers, and dryers, besides allowing instantaneous delivery of new clothing." He then added,  “the technology for a clothing printer exists but is not packaged in a form that would be suitable for consumer use.”

Imagine a wardrobe of trendy and fashionable clothes and apparel, with this printer you can never be outdated with the latest fashion style. It's just that I'm wondering how much would it cost to operate and maintain such printer. Yes, it can recycle your old clothes, but how about the energy consumption and all other factors required in its operation.

Indeed, the 3D printing technology rapidly evolves through time, consumers also demand for new and exciting stuffs, hence developers can't stop working. Though I'm pretty much pleased by this printer not only of its function, but the fact that it promotes recycling. Just like with conventional printer equipments that can be equipped with recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Aside from the info and description aforementioned regarding the said printer, there are no further follow ups if it's already out in the market, nor will it be out soon.



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