From candles to light bulbs then LED lights, the evolution was awesomely rapid. Through necessity, inventions and alternatives emerged, and innovation will never end, as long as there is demand. Consumers never run out of anything to request, from product to price they always want everything to be readily available. If the price of a product increased, there must be a low-priced equivalent. That's where the market for recycled and compatible consumables were born.

Actually it's not hard to imagine how such commodities and supplies had reached the market, it was the consumers demand that triggers them to enter a wider industry. I mean they're existing for so long, but not everyone knows about it, until such time when manufacturers intend to boost their profit through price hiking. That's the cue they're waiting for, and without us noticing it they became a common product in the market.

It is because of the consumers demand, asking for less expensive commodities and supplies that companies as well as some manufacturers tend to developed cheaper supplies as a response. One good example to cite is the market for recycled printer consumables such as eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. As we all know, OEM or branded printer supplies are typically high-priced, and the consumer's last resort is to opt for alternative products. Surprisingly, that's what happening right now in the Print Industry, since printer manufacturers are selling expensive toner and ink cartridges, their consumers are now switching to recycled cartridges or as they called it as compatibles.

The situation can't be helped, unless those branded manufacturers will cut down the price of their products.Switching for the alternatives isn't that awful, and it's not really bad actually, cause you get savings while being environment friendly at the same time. There are organizations promoting the use of recycled products and recycling as well, participating on such activities and programs will certainly help improve the environment.



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