The 3D technology creates massive changes from the printing industry, it allowed many aspiring creative builders to bring their 2D drawings and ideas into three dimensional figures and objects. Before, it started as manufacturing small-sized materials, then gradually it changes and evolved which results to its application on creating heavy and bigger stuffs from the controversial 3D guns up to home building materials. It is indeed a breakthrough in the print technology, and although it hasn't totally reached the masses with its expensive price, many have brought their own ideas into realities through this technology.

Now for those who haven't tried using a 3D printer, well you're not alone as you can include me on the list, here's a great surprise for all of us who want's to create our own 3D-made design. Let's all give our praise to WobbleWorks, by developing the very first 3D-printing pen for a much affordable value. Behold the 3Doodler, a 3D printer with the size of a pen, although it's much bulky to grip that's definitely considerable. The 3Doodler device is also equipped with the heated extrusion head of a typical 3D printer and uses a thread of ABS/PLA plastic filament to create three-dimensional printouts.

The 3Doodler is effectively useful for creative doodlers as it allows freehand drawing in the thin air, creating structures and 3D models as sturdy as the ones constructed using the MakerBot 3D printer. With this device, you don't have to create a three-dimensional or CAD model that you need to print on your printer, thus you save the cost of consuming inks or toners with your eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Just create your own 3D design as simple as like you're doodling, the only difference now is that you don't create your 2D drawing in a sheet of paper, instead you create it in three dimensions by sketching in space.

Unlike any typical 3D printers that you just have to wait after submitting the CAD model from your desktop to your printer, and then let it do all the printing, with the 3Doodler, there's a technique you need to master to be able to create a nice 3D object. There are two buttons provided on the front which allows the control of the filament extrusion. The 3Doodler is available through KickStarter, details and price are provided through this link. The company is still working on developing a 3Doodler version that can be powered by a battery unit. I'll keep you posted about this great invention as I'm also thinking of getting one for myself.

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