Three-dimensional printing or commonly called as 3D printing technology has definitely made a mark in the field of advance technology. It may be quite intriguing and a bit unbelievable, but indeed 3D printing particularly the machines used by this innovation, can create anything that any human can imagine.

Just like an entry level breakthrough, before three-dimensional printing is quoted as an equipment for mass production of products, items and similar stuffs. Plastic filaments or plastic materials were used in it's early stage, but nowadays, 3D printers can now be utilized to produce things made out of wood and metal. Don't be surprise cause technology is what we're talking about here, and advancements is the only constant thing in the world of technology.

In the recent months, there were news about a 3D printer used to create human organs through stem cell or something like that. Guns and deadly weapons aren't just rumors, they're actually made using 3D printing as well. Additionally, concrete houses and structures were built through the same technology.

Putting some green touch in this technology is likewise possible. In fact there were machines developed to produce plastic filaments for 3D printers by simply recycling plastic waste materials. So in a way, 3D printing technology also helps the environment. In addition, aside from plastic materials as filament, wood, salt, and paper materials are now being used as alternative 3D printer filaments.

Traditionally, substances that contain chemicals or harmful toxins that negatively affect the environment were required in the production of three-dimensional printing. But since they probably realized the amount of plastic waste generated and ending up in the landfills, such measures have been designed. A brilliant team from Emerging Objects, founded by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, conducted an experiment that used salt and wood to create a 3D printed material as strong as a concrete. What else can you get from green materials, nothing but environment friendly objects right?

To those who are using conventional printers for their daily printing needs, and may want to switch to environment friendly printing, then opt for eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for your printer. They offer the same performance and quality, and what's best, these consumables are way more affordable than branded cartridges.



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