School campuses especially for colleges are going more greener over the recent years. This proves that saving the planet isn't just a single man's journey. Implementing eco-friendly rules and regulations, and applying green ideas when constructing a campus is one noble idea. It helps the students to be more exposed to green movements and acts, to help save the environment and be more aware of the earth's global situation.

The EcoDorm-Warren Wilsons College was the first college building to earn the highest rating Platinum Certification for existing buildings, the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Designs). EcoDorm was crafted by a committee focused on meeting the priorities of energy efficiency, water conservation, healthy indoor air quality, and the use of local and highly recyclable materials.

The University of Colorado Boulder partnered with the National Renewable Energy Labs to create wind turbines that feed energy into a grid benefiting all of Colorado. Thus putting them at the top list of Sierra Clubs Greenest Colleges in the year of 2009.

The Ithaca College in New York, Dorothy D. and Roy H. Park Center School for Businesses and Sustainable Enterprise. It was the first undergraduate business school in the world to earn the Leadership in Energy & Environment Designs, platinum certification. The college building features a nearly 6,500 square foot of vegetated roof that reuses storm water runoff, reducing airborne pollutants and adding oxygen to the atmosphere.

The Evergreen State College uses their Organic farm to teach courses in agriculture. Their own harvested organic produce are served in the campus eateries, donated to local food banks, has a twice-weekly farm stand on their own campus, and some are sold through a Community Supported Agriculture program.

The University of New Hampshireor UNH, is the nations first major university to create a landfill gas-to-energy project, called the UNH's EcoLine. The University of New Hampshire uses the landfill gas as their primary fuel source, that can supply about 85% of the university's electricity and heat. 

These are just some of those several campuses that were built for the purpose of helping save the environment and strive to become one the greatest green campus. Campuses, buildings and school supplies that are going green, using environment friendly ideas for the benefit of a larger scale. We can also participate in this kind of act, by using recycled materials like eco-friendly toner cartridges for our printing needs, and make our school days more green than ever.


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