Bio-based Inks / Eco-Friendly Inks
According to a report by the Global Industry Analysts, Inc.,the growing concerns and problems regarding volatile organic compound emissions from conventional printer ink consumables, lead to promoting the use of non-metal ink products over the ones with cadmium, lead and mercury. Regulations are being implemented and relayed on the big names in printer manufacturing industry. Hence pressure and effort on developing eco-friendly ink consumables for their products are strictly thrown to them.

The set standards for the maximum allowable amount of hazardous heavy metals in their ink mixtures, tends to bring the bio-based ink products into a hype. Against petroleum-based products, bio-based or biodegradable inks have a better advantage with regards to this issue. Cheaper, environment friendly, and provides a fairly decent quality, with that being said, probably the demand for such products will increase especially in most commercial printing businesses.

One great advantage of using biodegradable ink is that, it aids in the process of paper material recycling through its special property and characteristics. Bio-based inks even when printed for long on paper sheets, can be easily separated from the fiber of pulp of paper, thus enhancing the recyclability of the printed material. Another benefit that commercial printing businesses can take advantage especially those producing food packaging and the likes, is that, eco-friendly inks are free from toxic compounds.

Aside from the fact that consumers can greatly save or at least cut down the amounting expense of their printer equipment, through using eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for their printing needs. There are things not too common for us, but can certainly provide better solutions to our problems. The slow, yet gradual growth of environment friendly alternatives in the market drives opportunities and improvement not only for the Print Industry but also for all the consumers relying on their products.



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