A sustainable workplace with environment friendly system is perhaps one of the most essential idea that a business owner should consider, especially when you're business or company is struggling with the economic crisis.

Let's try to put it this way, your company as the forest, and the employees are the trees. How can you make a living from trees? Simply let them grow healthy and lively provided that you facilitate and take care of them, and soon you'll have a good harvest.

It's easy to let yourself become environmentally friendly and so does a company. If you think turning a workplace into a greener environment sounds breaking the bank, probably you haven't thought of these simple ways below:

Reduce energy consumption
It would be nice habit to turn off any machine or device when not in use, or ideally unplug them from the source outlet. Do you know that an appliance may still consume 5% of energy from the power source even when it's off? If your employees are not used to doing such task, then implementing it would be necessary.

Invest to make less
You can still have the same quality and functionality with machines that offer low energy consumption. Well, if you haven't check the energy-saving rates of your office equipments then now's the chance to do it. High-end devices nowadays offer much energy-saving features, especially with office-centric machines. Hence, investing for new office equipments will drive more savings in the long run, instead of keeping those old energy-eating machines.

Cut with no but
Office supplies are essential in any working environment, however too much use of these materials is not healthy. For example, printing drafts and test pages can be prevented, thus it can cut down the waste and expense that it generates. Unless your company knows how to properly recycle, not dispose, paper products. It's also a good thing to consider using recycled paper products for printing purposes, or even equipped your printing machines with eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for more economical savings.

Recycle and upcycle
Boost your employees creativity, how bout conduct an annual competition where everyone can participate on creating the most eco-friendly whatsoever. Say, a contest that promotes recycling, this isn't a costly activity for the whole company.

Discipline is a key factor to achieve these goals. It's a long and gradual process that not everyone may adapt, but still it's worth to try than doing nothing for your company.



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