We've been used to take pictures with our smartphones, iPhone, iPad or tablets cause it's more convenient. Also when you're at some place wherein you want to take pictures but you forgot to bring your camera, a high mega pixel camera phone will do the trick. But given these facts, would it also be nice to have a photo printer that allows you to create printouts on the go without the hassle of wires and inks.

What could be the possible benefits of using this printer? Aside from the advantage that it prints on the go, plus its wireless functionality, it can also help environmentally by producing less chemically infused paper materials. We all know that inks and toners from printer cartridges may cause harm or a possible treat to the environment when not properly disposed of. Paper waste are gradually reducing and it would be better if as much as possible we try to utilize materials that could affect our environment the positive way.

If you're fond of using smartphones and other devices that can take, store and manage photos, this printer will surely suit your style and needs. Hammacher Schlemmer built a printer that is capable of wireless connectivity and can print photos without the requirement for ink, the Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer. It is specifically built for smartphones and mobile devices that can transfer photos and images through their phone's wireless functionality to the photo printer. With the presence of a wireless network, either at home or at the office, you can pair your smartphones and mobile devices to the wireless printer to be able to transfer photos. If you're using iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, you cans imply connect your devices directly to the printer with the built in dock connector located at the top of the printer.

Now if you're wondering how this printer can produce quality images without the use of inks, then here's the trick, it uses a special photo paper that has dye crystals with all the three colors (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta) you can found from a typical printer cartridge. To start playing with this wireless printer, you need to install an accompanying application required to pair up your iOS and smartphone devices to the printer.

It may seem as an expensive way of printing your special captured photos with the printer's price tag of $219.95. But if you still prefer using your conventional photo printers and you want to save some money while being environmentally conscious at the same time, you may opt to use eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for your printer. These printer consumable helps to cut down your printer expense, while keeping your printing experience greener at the same time.


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