Recycled printer consumables and office supplies, that's what we've been featuring here on PrintGreen at most. While there are still more of these related topics that we talk about regarding eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Let's try to give some credits to the one that uses this products, and that's no less than the printer.

Do you know that these equipments particularly the printers, can also be refurbished? In the market, you'll find all types of printer equipments available, some may probably be inexpensive while others are considerably high-priced. Depending on your preferences, or how much perfectionist you are, certainly you'll get what you want. But what if you know that there's something out there, that can perform and deliver the same functionality, yet very much affordable? Would you still go for the branded, or would you choose the refurbished?

Giving you a clear view about such equipments, refurbished or recycled printers are machines that undergo intensive quality checking which includes : inspection, cleaning, and repairing processes. Hence, rest assured each recycled printers are of the same quality and can potentially match up with most branded equipments. Consider them cost efficient and environment friendly printing solution.

Imagine using less expensive printer cartridges with these refurbished printers, it can significantly minimize both your ownership cost and overall printing cause. Sounds wonderful for offices and workgroups that requires high-volume printing needs. I'm not sure about the matter, but I've heard some recycled printers are capable of using cartridge-free ink technologies which generates less waste than conventional printers.

There are also these options a few printer manufacturing companies offer, wherein their customers can return their old equipment for new ones. Through this great attempt, we can reduce the ecological impacts that e-waste generates yearly, as well as preventing printers from ending up in landfills.

If you're still doubtful of the quality, refurbished printers can provide, and that you still want to stick with your branded printer buddy, then consider using recycled printer cartridges. Save your pockets from spending too much with expensive OEM cartridges, while reducing your ecological impacts in the environment as well.



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