Have you ever thought of using coffee grounds as an alternative inks for your printer, whenever it runs of it? This may sound absurd, but believe it or not, after you finish your morning cup of coffee, and you've got a printer like this, you wont get a bag of coffee grounds for nothing. The worlds first printer to ever use "coffee grounds", yes you've heard it right, it uses coffee as ink. The next generation of eco friendly printer, the RITI coffee printer, that needs coffee grounds to use at its ink.

Perfect for your on-the-go printing needs, all you have to do is place the coffee grounds or tea dregs into the RITI printer's ink case. Then move it from left to right to print the image from the printer paper inserted. Remember to wash the ink case thoroughly to avoid any problem after use. What relief could this eco friendly printer brings to the user, by replacing those expensive printer cartridges. Though there's a manual labor required to use this printer, the pleasant scent of your printouts that could tempt you to lick the images or text from your documents is worth enough the labor.

Most of the printer consumables nowadays, are using petroleum-based inks, even though the cartridges were recycled, the ink/toner inside eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges requires tremendous amount of oil / petroleum. Also, during the production of petroleum-based inks, i produces dangerous chemicals called volatile organic compounds. Having said that, you can now realize how worthy this eco friendly RITI printer can be, if it becomes available in the market. There were said possibilities before, that coffee grounds can be used as biodiesel, that sounds too good to be true, but making it possible would be more beneficial for the environment.

Most printer users are not recycling their used printer cartridges, and a very small number of user are participating on such recycling programs. Every year, more than 200 million of printer cartridges end up in the landfills, and their components like plastic and metal takes hundreds of years before it decompose. Though there were many recycling facilities and recycling plants around the world that reprocess printer consumables and produce remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges, there are still problems left, that needs to be solved, and that's how we can create alternative inks/ toners for our printers. In order to create a more better environment.



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