Straw materials are typically made out of plastic components, one good example would be drinking straws, which we often use to sip and enjoy the beverages we drink everyday. Though we don't get to use drinking straws everyday, like with coffee, you don't have to use a straw to drink it unless it's an ice coffee, nonetheless you can use a straw.

There are other straw products aside from the one we use to sip a cold beverage. But instead of enumerating those, more than anything else, we should be talking about the material these products were made. Plastic, such a material used to produce different products, yet it tends to leave negative impacts on the environment. Although there were innovations that changed the industry by developing alternative materials from which we can substitute to plastic use.

Through those inventions, the use of plastic materials have been reduced over the past years. Substituted by environment friendly, degradable materials that can be utilize as an alternative consumable in place of plastic. As an addition to those plastic alternative materials, here's the Birch and Bamboo Paper Straws that let you experience the way you get used to drink your beverages while being eco-friendly at the same time.

It has been described as, "Eco-friendly straws that are made of paper, and have been wax-coated. The unique birch and, bamboo wood patterns have been created using a soy-based ink. These paper straws are a fantastic green alternative to the mainstream plastic variety that are often harmful to the environment."

Helping the environment while having fun drinking with a unique straw, what a great way to enjoy your beverages. And to have a more greener life style, try using recycled products and consumables as your alternative daily supplies. Include on your list these eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges as your printer consumables for a greener and better way of printing.



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