Eco Friendly Working Environment
From every offices and any working environment, green concepts are not particularly given enough attention. They use office supplies of every kind like plastic, metal, paper and so on. Using those materials is not the problem, but the disposal and the way of throwing them is simply the problem. Improper waste management, their common perception is to just throw them into the bin and wait for the garbage collector to pick them up, then what's next. What do you think would the garbage collectors do with those, they won't bother recycle your own waste, all those waste will just be dumped to landfills. Though I've heard some do recycle their community wastes but i haven't known the reason.

It would be better if every employee in an office will be concern about proper waste management and recycling. It may sound too silly, but a company who practice and promote recycling for me is much better than any other company. A briefing about waste management will do, in order to awake your employees sleeping awareness of recycling. Let's take an example to make it more clear, how about an equipment that most employees often use like the printer. Printers of course are non disposable equipment, but the cartridges that they need to produce printouts can be disposed of.

What if for a week, your team can empty about 2-3 printer cartridges. But in a company it's not always common to have a single team, so let's say you have four teams in the department. Four team multiplied to 3 cartridges per week, that's about 16pcs of cartridges every week and 64pcs every month, just do the math if you want to know the figures for a year. Instead of recycling those empty printer cartridges, they just dump and chuck it to the garbage bin.

Have you tried using eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges? Actually there are ways on which you can recycle your empty printer cartridges, and if you can't do the recycling, then send them back to your respective manufacturer and let them do the right thing. You can track manufacturers near you that accepts returned printer cartridges. You might even be too lucky to get paid for returning those empty cartridges, just like the previous article Where There's Trash There's Cash that I've posted.

Printer cartridges should be properly disposed, as it contains chemicals like toner particles and inks that may be harmful to our health. You must at least provide a separate bin for stuffs and supplies that are considered hazardous to prevent any unwanted problems. Head online and check for recycling plants and facilities that accepts empty cartridges, they produce remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges which are cheaper but still meet the original brand specifications.



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