Have you seen a cake or just a cupcake with printed images on top of it? Brewed coffees nowadays can be made special with a twist, through the latte art technology, a printer-like device is use to create images on the foamy surface of the latte and it is surprisingly accurate as the original image. But before this technology was discovered, image printing in cakes and similar pastries has been known for quite some years and is generally called as edible ink printing.

Around the year 2003, the collaboration of printer edible inks started. Perhaps the cake decorating industry was not satisfied with using fondants and molded icings to decorate their cakes, cookies and cupcakes, so they came up with such wonderful idea. In its early time, designs and images were printed using the edible ink onto a sheet of wafer paper, unlike today, pastry  makers are now using frosting sheets which are much efficient.

If you're wondering if it's possible for someone who's not really skilled enough for such job to be able to create his own printed image using edible inks, indeed there's a way. But you must be pretty much careful if you want to try it on your own, especially if you're just going to use a typical inkjet printer since it's not too easy to get a special printer that is solely made for edible ink printing. You might be surprised to know that anyone could actually use an inkjet printer for this, yes it is certainly possible. However, it is not generally advisable because once you use a printer to print with edible inks, you'll never get to use it for regular printing the way it was before. Plus, it requires thoroughly cleaning the machine to remove any remaining inks from the print head, as well as inside the printer itself where inks might have accumulated, build up, or splash due to excessive printing.

Again, the use of a regular printer for edible ink printing is possible, but the rate of resulting to problems or risks has a higher chance than using the appropriate machine. If you're planning to make use of it for a profitable business, probably it is worth the risk to try. Since you'll get to use the printer for good to print designs and images using edible inks. However, if you just want to experiment, spare your printer from it especially if you don't have enough knowledge of disassembling such device. Make use of it for regular printing instead, plus don't forget to opt for eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges with your printer and reduce your own carbon footprint.



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