Turn you company to a better and greener place to work at, by following some of the useful guides below. Whilst there are articles which can be more detailed compared to this, it always depends on each and everyone's point of view as to what must be followed. Think of it as an additional learning, and take advantage of it so you greatly and effectively reduce not only yours alone but also the company's carbon footprint.

Switching to green practices should never cost a lot, although there are times where it can't be helped, consider it as an investment for a bigger result in the long process. Nevertheless, don't spend as much as possible. Developed a unique but not too strict waste disposal program for your company. Make sure that all the collected waste will end up on proper disposal areas, and should not cause any harmful effects on the environment.

Consider using biodegradable products for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Maybe you're not aware that much, but most product nowadays aside from sanitizing your workplace, they can also bring harm to anyone from the office, especially when use without proper knowledge. Plus, non-biodegradable cleaning products are potentially harmful for the environment.

Energy consumption, one of the great carbon footprint contributors. Even at home, do you have any idea which appliances in your household contributes the most CF? Check out the table provided from this post: Household Energy Consumption, so you can have a clearer picture regarding the matter. Now for a working environment, there are these equipments and machines including a printer, that consume energy, thus resulting to carbon footprint emission. Choose an appliance or office equipment that consumes less energy, that's the solution.

Opt for environmental friendly office supplies such as recycled printer papers. Switching to such products will cut down your printing expenses in the office, while promoting green products at the same time. Using recycle paper materials in the office is not a common thing, hence implementing it in their workplace will let them realize the benefits and advantages of using such products. Also, since you're planning to use eco-friendly paper supplies, then why not equipped your office printers with recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges, double savings for your company.

These are just a small fraction of several ways and means on how you can turn your workplace into greener environment. Regardless of your business or company's size, there's no reason why you should not make a move on reducing your ecological impacts.



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