Motivation helps to influence the people that surrounds you. By motivating people for whatever purpose, you're pushing them towards their goal and letting them achieve what they want. This should be applied in promoting recycling. By motivating people in the community to go green, and telling them the benefits and advantages of being environmentally aware, through this way people will realize the real worth of recycling. 

By embracing the facts and benefits of what recycling can offer to everyone, it would greatly create a good impact to the environment. There are businesses and workplaces who practice and implement recycling to their employees and to themselves. Activities and fun learning projects that are related to recycling helps students and young individuals to be exposed to the real world of recycling. They became aware of every little thing and possibilities that recycling can bring to them. 

More and more companies are now recycling their products not only to become environmentally cautious but also to provide their customers some alternatives and less expensive products that their company also had manufactured. By reusing materials and components that can still be useful to some other ways, is like preserving and conserving all the natural resources that are needed for the production of new goods. Admit it or not the supply to all non renewable minerals and natural resources are now diminishing. And what else can we do to protect the environment, but to recycle.

There are companies and organizations who are developing plantations for remanufacturing their own goods and products. One example of these are the printer cartridges, these ink and toner containers are very demanding due to the number of professionals and businesses who are using printers in their offices, companies and households. They get to realize the global impact of their products to the environment, and so they decided to accept empty or used printer cartridges to undergo recycling. There started the beginning of manufacturing eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Imagine every piece of it getting dumped in the trash bins daily, then down to our landfills. Occupying lengthy of spaces and hectares of lands that can be more beneficial if it had been used as a land to establish a community, but instead it became a piece of land where waste materials are dumped. It's a good approach to create remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges where both consumers and manufacturers win in the situation. 

More than a hundred of ways and ideas can be implemented not only to every businesses and companies who are manufacturing goods, but also to every individual who lives on earth. 



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