This 2013 Let's Go Paperless
Howdy everyone, since we have a new year to create more memories and of course photographs of all the happenings that will come in our lives this year, let's all start with a good vibe and nothing but all the goodness and of course green things to talk about.

Pictures, I'm pretty sure you've made a lot of it from the past holiday. Though we can keep it on our laptops and PCs as digital copies of our precious moments, still there's the urge to have it printed and framed as a perfect souvenir of the past events of our lives. But how about our green resolution of paperless printing? I'm pretty sure you're thinking of having it printed on wood or stones instead, but you can't trick me cause we both know that to be able to transfer an image into the wood, you still need to print it on paper.

You can use a printer that comes with an erasable ink just like the Re-Printer, that way you can save paper materials in as much as 50 percent. But well since not everyone is capable of purchasing this type of printer just like me, I have no other choice but to use my regular printing buddy. I guess there's always a consideration, well it's just a once in a year celebration, maybe printing a single copy for a family portrait wouldn't hurt that much.

Just make sure to choose the perfect shot that you wish to print to avoid any problems that might cause you to reprint the image. Remember it's not just the paper you're wasting but the also the ink from the cartridge that it consumes. Printer cartridges are too costly nowadays that if you want to waste some hard earned money then go buy a dozen of cartridges and print anything as long as you want. But that's not what PrintGreen is promoting, only the green, money saving, environment beneficial topics are to be discuss on this blog.

It might help if you could put a sticky note in front of the printer panel reminding everyone who will use it to be more cautious when printing, that they should only print what they need to reduce your printing expenses and most of all cut down your paper usage when printing. And since it's new year, you might as well consider opting for the green products that will help you save on your printing expenses without compromising the quality of printouts, just like eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, these printer consumables will surely satisfy your printing needs considering that you have a trust worthy retailer.



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