I know that Earth Day is over, but it shouldn't be used as a reason not to become Eco-conscious everyday. We should be living day after day like it's always Earth Day. Like every morning is a fun green day to start a healthy and environment friendly life. It isn't that hard to imagine, then why not bring it to life right?

If each and everyone of us are considering this idea, maybe our problem regarding pollutions, wastes and global warming will finally lessen until such time that they're totally gone. Tree planting is very easy, it also has a lot of good benefits for everyone not only to the environment. You plant a tree, then you have your dose of exercise cause it can be a sweaty task. It filters the air around you especially if it grows older and bigger, also it creates a shade where you can take a break and relax while reading. Those who often waste paper materials should plant a tree at least once a month, but it doesn't mean you can still continue wasting.

Reduce the amount of waste, say you're bins are almost full at the end of the day with all those wastes and trash you throw on it. Then why not try to practice monitoring yourself how frequent do you throw garbage, what are these waste and where did you get them. Analyzing the source of your wastes will tend to reduce the accumulated trashes in your bins. After a week or so try to see if there's any changes on the amount of garbage generated inside each bin.

Turn off the lights! Just like the water from your faucets, if you didn't turn it off, water will still drip from it which will result to high water bills. Appliances and machines that are not in use yet still plugged from an outlet are still consuming energy. If you don't want that power eating vampire in your house or office, make it a habit to unplug all equipments that are not in use.

Speaking of machines, any office or house nowadays has a printer equipment. For one reason, printing became a necessity on our daily lives. There we have the paper works, kids research projects, reports and business files, as well as bills, unless you applied paperless billing that would be good enough. If you're practicing green printing then we don't have to argue, but if you're one from the list of naughty people, perhaps you need to examine yourself. What else can you do for the environment? Use recycled materials, for printing there are less expensive recycled paper products, plus those remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Don't opt for it just to save, consider using them to aid on the preservation of natural resources and the protecting the environment.



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