Considering recycling your printer consumables? That's a good thing to know, and hopefully more people would consider doing it not only with their printer consumables but also to all their e-waste. I'm sure you've found your own reason why you opt to recycle those materials. Well to help you more on deciding whether to recycle or to not recycle, let me give you guys some known facts regarding the impacts of printer cartridges. Learning these information will prove that your decision to recycle is really a good move.

Where does waste end up? Not only cartridges, but all e-waste end up in incinerators or landfills, either way both will create harmful effects for the environment. There's an annual estimated count of 200 million pounds of printer consumables end up in landfills.

Think about the population, imagine if every house all around the world is using a printer. In reality, about 1.2 trillion of printer ink cartridges are being used year after year. Unfortunately, only 30% of all these are recycled.

Ink and toner cartridges are made of plastic components, hence petroleum and oil resources are consumed in the production of such products. It takes a gallon of oil in order to produce a single toner cartridge. Since ink tanks are smaller than toner tank, considerably they require less oil.

In the United States alone, more than 10 pieces of printer cartridges are thrown and disposed every second. How about with the other countries, US is not the only place in the world that market printer equipments.

Do you know the exact circumference of the earth? Actually you'll know it if all the discarded printer consumables were put in line, it can unbelievably circle the earth thrice.

Through recycling everyone can nearly conserve approximately 2.5 pounds of natural resources. Additionally, recycled products are half way cheaper than most branded market goods, thus becoming an alternative source to save. Participating in recycling programs can help in the sustainability and preservation of the environment, so you better start joining now. Switch to eco-friendly, recycled toner cartridges or ink cartridges and promote green printing practices.


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