Million tons of paper waste are accumulated annually in the U.S. alone, then what more if we add up the waste from other countries around the world. No one should say that they have no idea on how should they properly managed waste or limit their consumption to reduce their generated waste. Cause as far as today's level of media and technology, we are well informed about such ways and acts that may help us improve our daily living in terms of reducing waste. 

Saving paper products and materials is not a very hard task, even kids can do it while having fun, it's just a matter of how you imply its worth. Positive results are driven by positive actions, and remember this part of song by the iconic Michael Jackson, "if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change". Start doing small things, like changing the way you usually print, it's not easy to change what you've been accustomed to especially if you make it a habit, but still you have to change if it's for the best.

Before hitting the print button and sending your file to the print queue, check your file, are there more spaces where you can fit in more into the page, or see if the formatting is efficient both to the printer and paper you'll use. Unless it's a report that requires double spacing or any specific format. See if you can still reduce the font-size to a smaller font, as long as it's still readable, also avoid overly large font sizes and styles, this way you'll not only conserve paper sheets, but the inks/toners as well. Also, it's a good practice to use recycled printer papers and eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges when printing.

The way to communicate with one another has rapidly change, although snail mails are still available. If you're message is not that important, then use a mobile phone, if you want to chat and open a messenger, if it's a bit important or private,then send it through email. Several options are available depending on the importance of what you're about to send. As much as you can eliminate printing emails, bills and all sorts of printables, then do so.

Learn to recycle, and if you're not capable of doing such thing which I hardly doubt, then consider participating to any recycling organization in your community that accepts paper materials. To save more paper, we have to use them repeatedly and believe it or not there are hundreds of ways to reuse paper materials which you haven't thought of as possible. Just try to see this post about recycled paper materials turn back into wood or maybe the brief history and facts about paper will guide you on determining how can you make use of paper products efficiently.



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