According to Earth911.com, “As much as half of the 85 million tons of paper products Americans consume every year goes toward packaging, wrapping and decorating goods. Wrapping paper and shopping bags alone account for about 4 million tons of trash annually in the U.S.” Unless we heard the facts we'll never make a move. Christmas is the only season where gift wrappers and paper bags are flooding the stores, as well as the busy shoppers rushing in and out of the mall. But after this season ends, we'll just add more millions of paper products particularly gift wrappers as trash on the landfills.

How about for this season let's try to reduce our need for gift wrappers, since we can't give it up, cause of course it's a bit informal to hand over a gift that is not wrapped. But there are a few ways from which we can at least reduce the need for paper wrappers this Christmas season. One good idea is by purchasing items in box or products that comes with a paper bag, first we save ourselves from buying a separate wrapper, and second we don't have to gift wrap the item, just place a card on it, plus a ribbon, and it's perfect, but remember to remove any price tag or mall stamps from the box.

Another good idea is by recycling or upcycling gift wrappers that you already have, it may either be from your Christmas last year, from the Thanksgiving celebration, from just any occasion, or even those brown grocery bags, you can still reuse them all for this season. I'm sure you've made a lot of grocery shopping in preparation for the Noche Buena and gatherings, so let's say you've got a pile of brown grocery paper bags and you have no idea what to do with those. Well then, grab your eco-tool-kit and we'll be upcycling those brown bags as our Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrappers.

Prepare some scissors, scotch tapes, markers, scrapbook embellishments (optional), and some twine. Now get all those gifts and goodies you've prepared for wrapping and start making eco-styled gifts. It's very simple, wrap the gift in recycled brown paper or a brown paper bag, tie in twine and adorn it with stickers, glitters, small cards and notes, or use some marker and draw a personalize image that portrays the one who will receive the gift. Very easy right, yet totally unique and appealing, plus the touch of effort and being Eco-friendly.

If your friends are part of those who promote green concepts as well, they will surely love this idea. To double the fun, consider giving them recycled and upcycled materials like bags, accessories, artworks, depending on their personality, and if they're the type of office geek who spend most of their time at work, how about sending them recycled office supplies or eco-friendly toner cartridges which are really cost-efficient and somehow unique as a gift for this Christmas season.



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