Every equipment or machine will meet its end of lifetime, I mean not everything lasts forever even us. Well it's up to you if you will still keep it even it's not working properly, but bear the consequences of keeping it. Eating up some space from your storage rooms, and the maintenance that you have to keep it free from dust or any elements that will worsen the obsolescence of your unit.

Your printer buddy, whether that's an inkjet printer or a laser printer, personal or office use, time will come that you have to bid farewell to your unit. The question probably would be, how are we supposed to disposed of this equipment? Throwing it in your trash bin is definitely not an option, but there are numerous ways and preferences on how you can considerably get rid of it.

First and bright option would be, to recycle it.
Here's a fact, every component there is inside and outside a printer can be recycled. The chassis and tray are both made of plastic, thus it is recyclable, while the other components let's say are made of rubbers and metals, which can also be reuse. If you don't know how to reuse those materials from your printer, then find a recycling service in your area and ask if you can either send or drop them off on their facility.

Second good option would be, to pass the hat.
If it's still working but not so wonderful enough, then why not make it a gift. Yes there are very affordable printer models in the market right now, but these latest models you say are indeed requiring high-cost consumables. Printers nowadays are typically costly to operate due to the expensive retail price of most toner and ink cartridges. Unless you can find a retailer that can provide you with re-manufactured cartridges or as we called it eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These cost-efficient printer cartridges can match up with most OEM products, granted that you purchased them from a trust worthy and competent retailer.

Third additional option, if you want to make some money.
I know that you already knew what I mean when I say you want to make some money. Sell it, well if there's anyone or any shop that would like to have your old printer, then what's holding you back, go turn that old junk into some bucks. Besides you don't actually need it. This option is helpful for someone who would like to upgrade to a new model, you can add the money you earn from selling the old printer so you find a better new printer.

If you know more options, or have any idea on how to properly get rid of your old printer equipments, you can drop it on the comment box below this post. For those who knows a recycling center, organization, facility or programs, near your place that you think it would be a great help to share it here, then feel free to post it on the comment box below.


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