As a college students, you can't avoid dealing with countless problems during school year, and even after. Stress from all the expenses, like tuition, school materials, and numerous bills from living expenses. Though it's common for most college students to accrue several debts, what's saddening is that after they graduated, several years of their after college life will be spent on finding ways to pay their debt. That's why here are some of the ways and strategies for you to practice, in order to save money during your college years and go green at the same time.

First let's handle the transportation dilemma. For a green conscious student, driving is a waste of money. You'll spend lots of money from paying high cost gasoline to fill up your cars tank, just to drive around the town or head off to school. Not to mention the carbon footprint that you'll left from driving. So instead of spending your money from filling up tanks, try to eliminate the use of car, and practice using alternative ways from which you can get to school without even spending a penny. Cycling routes are now seen on several streets, therefore, why not use a bicycle instead of driving a car, you'll quickly get to class by avoiding traffic routes, you'll have less carbon footprints, and most of all you'll spend no money by riding a bike.

Now let's get to the food you eat. Well this advice can't be impose to everyone, cause not all of us can easily switch to organic and locally grown, farm fresh supplies. If you've been used to eating meat, meat and only meat, then try cutting down or reduce the meat in your daily meals. Meats are most expensive unlike vegetables and other meat alternatives. If you have no problem eating green veggies, then grow your own mini garden, and feed yourself with your own organic harvest. There are cute and simple ways to grow green ornaments and organic vegetables inside your dorm or room, all you need is a small pot / cup, a window for sunlight, and water. You'll not just save some money from removing vegetables on your grocery list, you'll also find a hobby to spend your time on more useful stuffs like gardening.

Don't forget about recycling. Do you know that there are big companies waiting for you to return used stuffs and materials, and you'll even be paid for returning those. That sounds like an income for me, though it may not be big enough to pay for your tuition, well then at least you earn. Several states in the US, offer incentives for their community and for those who actively participate on their recycling programs. If you can't participate cause let's say you don't have the materials to return, then instead of using expensive supplies and materials for your school needs, try using eco friendly school supplies, which are more affordable and budget friendly. When your printing research papers, use eco friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges depending on your printer type, and save much money. Let's say you're using Lexmark printer, then use Lexmark toner cartridges that are cheaper and eco friendly.


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