Saving is different from turning green, but you can have them both by becoming green at home or at the office which leads to a lot of savings. Being responsible for the environment while keeping your self focus on greener ways can be a potential factor to save money and reduce accumulated waste. How can you switch your working environment to become greener, and where should you start? I may not be the best when it comes to providing ideas that can help you go green, but at least I'm effectively conveying its purpose and means.

Start lowering energy consumption
Any office requires double or even triple power supply over a typical house. It needs at least 24 hours of continuous energy flow to sustain units that need to be working all day long. Computers, lights, office appliances, printers and all equipments that simultaneously sip energy from the outlets. One way to resolved this is by using a power strip, you can group all the equipments that works similarly into a single power strip. So whenever these units are not needed, you can switch off the power strip with just a click of a button.

Limit office supplies
You may not notice, but believe me there are employees taking supplies from the office bringing them home. If you'll try to limit their resources, they will gradually learn to save on using what's available unless they can provide extra for their own. It is also helpful to make your employees responsible on saving materials. Just like with paper usage, if there's a limited pack of paper materials reserved for printing, tendency is your employees will only print what's important and definitely required. This will result to reducing office supply cost as well as paper waste in the office.

Turn waste into money
There are several materials which you assumed as waste wherein actually you can use them to make money. One good example are the printer cartridges. Any office does have a printer, I mean who doesn't it's a necessity, thus you accumulate empty or used printer cartridges. Do you know that there are several organizations and programs that are so much willing to accept those you consider wastes, and they can even pay you for surrendering those. Moreover, if you want to save more on your overall printer cost, then opt for eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges which are truly a great savings provider.

Make a switch
If you can replace some of your office equipments or any materials that you think consumes much energy and cost, then it would be better to invest on machines that are energy efficient and requires a low maintenance cost. It does need money to invest on these office supplies and equipments, but in the long run you'll it suitable that you made a switch. Go GREEN your office now.



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