For this day as we all commemorate the 43rd Earth Day, let's celebrate it by doing a very simple thing for our planet. Go paperless just this once, guess it wouldn't affect that much in your business if instead of printing why not send those files and reports thru email. Turn the printer off and give it a day off just for today. You wouldn't notice it, but our planet would greatly appreciate it if you tried doing it. I mean you can reduce power consumption, hence lowering energy bills, then you can conserve paper materials and inks/toners which you can use for the next few days.

You see, it isn't that bad to keep soft copies of your files, or just send a group email to your co-employees. Reports can also be saved on storage devices then view it anytime you needed. Our goal is to make an action that could bring a total advantage for the environment this Earth Day 2013. In the first place, it's not only for the environment alone, as you might have notice, doing such things can reduce your business or office cost through eliminating the use of printer and similar devices. Additionally, since you halt any printing works, paper materials and power usage may also decrease.

If it can't be help, say you really need to make a print, try to make sure your devices are equipped with recycled consumables such as recycled paper printing materials, remanufactured toner cartridges or ink cartridges whichever your machine requires. Thus, using environment friendly products and supplies can still be considered a better option on promoting sustainability and aids in protecting our environment.

Less energy consumption means less carbon footprint, and reducing the use of paper products means saving a couple of trees from being cut down. It is not as hard as you can imagine, exercise your environmental responsibilities by doing such things for our planet. Who knows, you might have think of a way or probably came up with a solution on how your company or business can permanently eliminate or at least reduce the demand for printing and go paperless in your working environment. Again Happy Earth Day to all of you guys!



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