Summer isn't completely over, though a lot of us might be wishing some extension, and went crazy singing "summer summer don't go away, please stay more for a couple of day". It isn't that boring to think so, when summer vacations and relaxing weeks are all over, it means you'll be with the school days again. Enough of the drama and get yourself ready, gear up as early as possible. You see there are positive things you may consider just when summer is nearly coming to its end. Shopping is just one of it, kids are really having fun with early shopping for school supplies and products, shoes and bags are also counted.

If you'll go shopping now you might bump with great deals and sales from a lot of retail stores downtown, it's a tradition, or perhaps a marketing strategy to offer early school supply shopping promos. Let's not drop any brands or names of retail stores, just drive off the road and see which among those well known retailers and shops does offer great value discounts with their school supplies. Pretty sure you won't be disappointed, cause it's better to shop early for such commodities instead of rushing things up for a last minute shopping. You don't want to get sweaty, haggard and all worked out with all the hassles that come along with late shopping.

But of course as good provider of green ideas, information and thoughts, I'd suggest you make a list of what you and your kids most certainly need to have a great start for their school days. It's not ideal to have a long list of all the materials you thought might possibly be needed, just rather make a short one with the most important supplies. A first-aid kit most likely, pens and notebooks are the very basics, these two should never be out of your list. If it happens that you totally forgot to include it, knock yourself off cause that's freaking unbelievable.

Additional supplies like folders and coloring materials can be set aside, unless the school imposed that your kids should have it first day of school, which I doubt. Notebooks on the other hand are sometimes provided by the school, so maybe there's no need to prioritize them, but spares should always come in handy. To make your kids unique among the class, why not consider buying supplies made out of recycled materials. Don't say "no way", once you get to see such products you'd be more than willing to get one for yourself. Notebooks, binders and pens which are made from various types of recycled and earth friendly materials, they are now with class and style. Unlike before that we only get to see them as brown colored, rough and drab, but now aesthetics has been part of creating recycled products.

For the mean time take this post as an appetizer, soon I'll keep posting school supplies and materials that are now listed on my must have tools for school. Just keep on visiting my blog for some upcoming posts that will soon change your ideas about eco-friendly school products.


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