Are you familiar to some international standards and certifications a company or organization may received or have, to be claimed as environment friendly? These green credentials defines the effectiveness of their products as being environmentally oriented. If your printer or supplies either has one of the following or probably have a few of these, then you're more than lucky to print the eco-friendly way.

A certificate that's based with the international standard, the ISO 14001 or ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management Standards) aids on reducing negative ecological impacts of various organizations and operations. There are laws and regulations related to environment preservation from which they must comply to improve and obtain the ISO 14001 Certificate. Being the most valued green certificate, money is not the only factor involved to achieve such credential, time and dedication must be invested as well.

Another worthy and honored certification is the FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council ) is an independent organization that provides internationally recognized certification to companies that promote the same mission to responsibly protect the world's forestry. Printer manufacturers are not the only ones that can be certified by FSC, even paper manufacturers may obtain it.

A certification system similar to FSC is the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), the world's largest forest certification system. One of the forest certification standard that grants an eco-label to PEFC certified companies and organizations, which can be easily identified by most consumers.

Do you know that Hewlett-Packard printing solutions and paper products are both FSC and PEFC certified? Aside from the Energy Star marks that you can find in every machines, HP oaths to reduce the impacts of their company on the environment particularly in the printing industry.

Some recycled paper products may have less quality that is suitable for printing, however a paper product that has been FSC, SFI and PEFC certified ensures the best output while producing less environmental impacts to the environment. Companies and manufacturers that have satisfied the standards and requirements of these certifications and laws, have demonstrated a commendable and laudable effort on helping in the sustainability of our forestry around the world.

Perhaps by now, you can at least conclude if your printing practices, as well as the machine and supplies you're using is truly environment friendly or not. Paper materials used for printing are available in recycled types, even the consumables that printer uses are recycled. Printer manufacturers are producing eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges to prolong sustainability, these products are also bounded by laws and quality test to reassure their customers about the quality and performance of their products.



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