If you're familiar with FilaBot, a machine that creates filament for 3D printers from old recyclable plastic materials, which was also featured here in PrintGreen last month. A new version of this machine has been created, it's not actually an upgraded version of the Filabot, but it's a machine that works just the same with a different mechanism. Still it is intended to produce substrates for 3D printers that use plastic materials to create three-dimensional outputs.

Designed by Marcus Thymark, a German Engineer and Inventor, this filament-producing machine called FilaMaker can grind up and reprocess plastic waste materials. As of now, Thymark's project still needs some improvement, by integrating an additional melter and extruder which the machine lacks. Based on a hand-cranked, he made a plastic shredder with the use of some stainless steel which acts as the teeth of the machine that powerfully grind up each pieces of plastic materials you feed.

Thymark explained his invention :
            "The FilaMaker can handle different kinds of plastic, such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polyethylene                 (PE), and polypropylene (PP). The design of the machine allows the user to handle materials in different forms                     (even plastic bags), and to easily switch from one material to another. "

With the use of the FilaMaker, 3D printing enthusiast can now be able to reproduce filament materials for their printers just by recycling plastic waste piling up in the bin. Even your previous 3D projects like figures and miniatures can be grind up with the use of this machine, so you re-use those filaments and create a new design.

Aside from this great inventions, if you really want to go green with your printing habit, whether that's a 3D printer or just a conventional printer, there are ways from which you can turn your regular printing practice. With 3D printers, make sure you dispose of properly those toxic materials that should be discarded. For conventional printers either laser type or ink type, you can return your empty or used ink cartridges to your respective manufacturer so they can recycle those. There are several major printer manufacturing companies that are developing eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for their customers, to cut down their printing expense and also save the environment.



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