Long before people use pens and markers to create images and text on paper materials, then printing press came in and eventually was enhanced until printer machines became available in the market until now. Pictures and images before were hand drawn and simply created in a two-dimensional view. Then printers came in and people get to print pictures in monochrome, then color, and now in three-dimensional views. Printing is too easy nowadays, just a simple click or press will do the trick. But the artist from The Human Printer art project can show us an intricate way of creating images by mimicking the basic printing process of a printer through their bare hands.

Since 2009, the art project entitle The Human Printer started creating CYMK halftone printed images by hand. If you're familiar with Photoshop filter effect halftone, it is somehow similar to their way of creating wonderful works of art. An inkjet printer either sprays or drops ink onto the paper sheet until the whole image is printed. While the artists from The Human Printer use small markers to skillfully create images through dots. A single dot may not mean that much, but a collection of dots forming an image or an object can have a lot of meaning.

The talent and patience of these artists are truly beyond imagination. Halftone printing can be learned but patience is needed in this kind of art making. Colors and blending plays an essential part, you can't just mix them all and voila you have the image. Students from the University of Derby took several photographs and they manually  create CMYK halftone version of each images by hand.

To think that some of us are using photo editors to make photographs with the same effect, our life is just too easy. Just send the digital image to the printer then have it printed. These students and artists are remarkably talented and unbelievable, wish I had the same talent. Maybe for now, for us who don't have those magical hands we'll rely on Photoshop and a printing buddy to create halftone effects of images. Be sure to use environment friendly printer consumables like eco-friendly toner cartridges, ink cartridges and paper products.

If you want to see more of their projects and wonderful creations, you can check out this post for more halftone printed images by hand.

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