The Hallow's Eve will soon be upon us, so for everyone who's looking for a nice eco-friendly crafting project well you've stumbled on the right blog. I've got several hunted crafting ideas for you and your family that will surely make you ready before the Halloween arrives. Of course, these projects promotes a greener and more environment friendly trick or treat celebration. Previously we had Recycled Paint Can Jack O'Lanterns and Recycled Milk Bottle Spooky String Lights.

Recycling is a fun activity, plus you learn the essence and benefits of reusing materials that are often been considered waste by most us. Worn out clothes, garments, apparels and jeans, we have lots of it that were used and damage. Why not reuse or upcycle those old clothing that you have no intention of wearing anymore, and create creepy halloween costumes for this coming hallow's eve. You don't have to spend some money buying ridiculous costumes at the mall, when you can alter your old stuffs and create a creepy unique attire for your halloween party.

Aside from those old clothes that were stocked on your cabinets for several years, you can definitely add embellishments by using cut outs of paper materials, paints or colorful markers to draw creepy blood stains or bruises, and all other sort of things that you have in mind to make a more unique and spooky costume for the halloween season. Have you heard of the saying "the more the merrier", then call all your friends and neighbors to have a wonderful and enjoyable green halloween costume project making with them.

Rubbish stuffs will no longer be considered trash anymore so long as we have the sensible idea of spreading the importance of being green. Aside from going green with this project we also enhance our creativity and artistic talent by making our own creepy, dreadful, terrifying, weird costumes for the Halloween. With your printer you can also add text on your costumes, like Boo! or anything else you want, you can even print googly, disgusting eyes or mask, but remember to use eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges for green printing practices. Recycled or remanufactured toner cartridges are not only good for your printer but also for the environment, just like those creepy costumes that you are about to create for the Halloween.


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